Why Don’t You Delete Facebook App, & Save Your Phone 20% of Battery Life?

Some of you are already aware but you find it difficult to
delete; Facebook application is responsible for most of the battery drain
issues you are experiencing on your mobile devices. 

Tech World Zone recently tested the Facebook app on a Nexus
6P using Metal
. The results of the test showed that for an entire week,
removing the Facebook app left the phone with 20% more battery life each day.
In addition to fixing the battery drain issue, deleting the app and messenger could
also improve the performance of an Android phone.
Either you like it or not, Facebook app will continue to run
in the background even when your phone is offline thereby slowing down other
applications on your device.  Some people
probably left it because of quick notification, quick opening and reply to chat
messages but you can always access facebook mobile site from your browser
According to a Facebook representative, “We have heard reports of a few people encountering speed issues coming
from our Android application. We are investigating this and will update you as
often as possible. We are focused on keeping on enhancing these issues.”
In other words, Facebook messenger and app, does not only
drain your battery but also slow down your phone, and makes it unnecessarily
No comment was made on the battery issue, so instead of
looking for what is draining your 3000mAh battery, scroll down to Facebook
messenger and app, delete it and save yourself 20% battery.
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