Why do DSTV Keeps Exploiting Nigerians?

Dstv are so mean and I sincerely think someone should call
them into order, for God sake why will you be exploiting your subscribers?
First and foremost, DSTV increase subscription rate without
informing their subscribers which I think it’s not right and yet nobody is
talking about this.

It was previously increased from N7850 to N9800 and I gladly
obey all in a bit not to miss the EPL… now again Supersport 3 that normally
show football league as now been moved to premium channel SS5. Meaning that
super sport 5 will now show the high profile games and you’ll need to upgrade
again to watch them. 
Some channels now have 1&2 like BET, Why did they separate
I think this is mere exploitation and something need to be
done about it… after making subscription of over 14K monthly is a complete
waste of money.
I’m am just hating this so called DSTV that keeps exploiting
Nigerians. Government should please look into this issue.
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22 thoughts on “Why do DSTV Keeps Exploiting Nigerians?”

  1. I have even downgraded from that 9800N plan to the lowest plan bcos Dstv are so stupid exploting us. I wonder wen PMB will probe them

  2. Good evening Mr. Yomi. Pls I have a serious pblm. I tried changing My Techno p9 IMEI with mobileuncle. When I send d command I get a "THIS COMMAND IS NOT ALLOWED IN USERBUILD" response…… pls help. Thanks sir

  3. Please what other sitelite is good for football matches like EPL,UCL, LALIGA apart from the stupid Dstv….I subscribed for the 9400 bouquet and find out that supersports3 no longer play major matches, this is raw exploitation…… I hate Dstv, I hate them

  4. lol na by force to be DSTV customer ?
    after all na most of u dey prray for small work, big payment
    and now GOD don aswer DSTV prayer so make una go dey pay for small work big payment, lol
    My advise is this,if all customer of DSTV & GOTV stop paying for just 2-3 month, and wait for the magic but i guess the Herbalist, Pastor and Imam wey they pray for DSTV no go let u stay 1 week.
    so stop talking.
    Official price of kerosene is 50 naira per liter, but na how much its been sold around ur house, thats not exploiting abi ?
    You people never post or complain about nepa services and charges, maybe because thats not exploiting abi ?
    Abeg i dont want to hear anything about this DSTV issue again,
    assuming MRbiggs peat pie is now 500 naira, they force u to enter there outlet and eat ??
    You better go buy transistor radio and be listening to BRILA FM.
    MR YOMI with all respect to you sir, this is not an issue to talk about.
    If no solution to nepa charges and other vital things common man need, why bringing this here and u believe shouting here will make any change ??????? after all we are in era of CHANGE so you guys will soon master the CHANGE, its a matter of time.

  5. Thank God am not using all that crap. I am currently watching Westham vs Leicester city match cos i use Qsat. It currently opens all dst……. channels. And guess what i only pay less than #6000 for six months. For more visit lemmymorgan.com


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