3 Easiest Way to Make Lots of Money on Jumia

I blame me if I fail; I blame me if I succeed. I blame me If
 I’m poor;  I also blame me if I’m rich. All the decision
I’ve ever made in my life, I blame me for where I am now and I blame me for
where I’ll be tomorrow.
Regardless of who you are, the degree you possess or what
you are doing, whether you have a white collar job or you are into business, a
little extra cash added to the lot you already have will make you step up and
stand tall. 

The truth is people make money on Jumia. I yomiprof make
money on Jumia. You too reading this post can make money on Jumia. Stop waiting
for government to provide work for you. Give yourself work and earn big. If you
are serious with what you are about to read, you can be making 500,000k every month.
If you want to make money, all you need are yourself,
a computer and a very good internet connection.
How Can I Make Money on Jumia?
1. Become an AffiliateAffiliate partners can promote
the products on Jumia and can get up to 11% commission on every successful
order made a click via your affiliate link. You can make easy money online if
you own a website, blog or just any useful social media account. 
Instead of using your social media (Facebook, twitter,
Linkedin or G+) to post selfie, you can simply drop your affiliate products
link and wait for people to place their order through you and earn your
You can easily sign up for the affiliate programe here and
find the products you know your friends, blog readers or social media partners
want and then promote it.
2. Join Jumia JForce or Sales Consultant – To be a sales consultant with Jumia Nigeria, you will be required to register, create your
own team (a network of other sales consultants) and then start selling Jumia
products and make money doing so. You can make up to ₦1,000,000 monthly doing
Why Should I Join?
>>You Earn Money
>>You are your own boss
>>You have fun
>>You’ll be trained. Jumia will train you until you
can stand as a full successful business man/woman.
Click here to join.
3.Sell on jumia Nigeria – If you have your own goods,
products and services, you can easily sell them on Jumia with ease. Jumia will
allow you list your products on their platform so long its genuine and people
will start patronizing your goods and services online.
To get started, click here.
Don’t just seat at home and wonder how things happen, go and
make things happen for you.
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26 thoughts on “3 Easiest Way to Make Lots of Money on Jumia”

  1. Bullshit, if it was so legit,why men never hammer for the matter,stop deceiving yourselves,thetes nothing like work from home make money on jumia,bla bla bla,all na wash. They dont pay at all,i got niggis who did dis ish,and are regretting it today.guys do yahoo, get a real job or become a legit local scammer. Jumia no dey epp anybody.its a big scam,don't be misled. I just bought an EOD frm streets under two months,24/7 browsing. Buy legit data like 24gig,begin spam witin a week you are sure to catch one or two clients.stop killing youtsrlf over useless cheats wey no fit power system or andriod iphone. Be your own boss.

  2. I really do not think Mr Yomi has or have anyone who has been a jumia affiliate before. It's not as easy as u posted it, bro. If u sell a tv set that worths #55,000 for example, jumia pays u around #300 as commision. Hardly will u make #2000 from selling items worth #1 million. Mind u, in between selling for them u must attend their trainings and workshop every 2 weeks which implies u'll spend money on transportation not taking into consideration where u're coming from.Its a waste of time.

    • Hello Mr Akinwale,
      Making money generally doesn't come cheap. If 10 people buy the same 10 television worth N55k, how much do you think that will be? Have you been part of this before?

      It is not a waste of time at all.

    • @ Akinwale Adedeji ur saying the truth i had to come in to comment for the first time because have seen responsible audience in your blog…talking about jumia its pays no doubt but very little i think adfsence is better than them all thoug they ban people rat rat as am a victim of it bt i think if people follow rules it wount happen.

      Jumia only paid well wen they were looking for customer now they have enough so if mr.A donts join mr.B will so donts think its worth it.

      My regards to Yomi Nation.

  3. I told you niggis its a big scam if not why men Neva hammer ontop the matter.everything for naija na scam.abegi im back to mu streets,i Wan bill my maye

  4. Hello yomi proff I don't know why earning tru blogging x hard 4 me .. I was banned by AdSense selfclicking .. I opted 4 UK AdSense itseems even so hard to get .. So am trying to settle 4jumia they're even more complicated .. Found out v once signed up .. Tho I can login but can't do anything like generate banner .. Pls help me even its just Jumia .. M so passionate abt blogging n I do it 4 fun BT nt making anything nt even 1k to sub 4 data x annoying .. Pls help me on how I can can Jumia affiliate

    • Earning through blogging shouldn't be hard for anyone. Adsense hate invalid clicks. My 1 cent suggestion, get a new domain name and link it with your blog then reapply for adsense with a fresh gmail account. Your current domain might have been blacklisted for adsense.

      I don't know much about Jumia maybe Yomi will be able to help you out or anyone using it. But I know Konga also do affiliate stuffs.

    • I really appreciate your reply Ahmed .. So u saying instead of getting a new blog and waiting 4 six months I should just by a new domain link it to my long time blog draft all my post and write new ones an reply ??? I buy d idea BT how sure x it ?


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