Xender – Your Fastest Way to Transfer Any Files in Seconds From Android to iPad/iPhone or Blackberry10

I guess we are all having a nice
weekend. This is not new but for the benefits of those who are new to Android
and iOS. This post will guide you through on how to easily transfer files.
Videos, and anything you can think of from your device to another device
especially those finding it difficult to transfer files from iPad/iPhone to
Android or otherwise. Either you use Zapya, ShareIt or… Xender.

Xender is as old as your elder
brother  and one of the most reliable way
of transferring anything from any device regardless of the size in

Xender transfers anything you want,
from documents, music, pictures, to videos and apps, in an instant with a few
taps.  You can transfer
videos/music/files from Android to iOS, from iOs to Blackberry10 or from
Blackberry10 to Android which ever that suit you.
Why Should I Use Xender App?
==> No USB, no internet,
no data usage!
==>Transfers everything – files, pictures,
music, videos, even apps!
==> Extremely fast – imagine sending your
party video to friends in seconds!
==>Supports group sharing to up to 4
==>Supports cross platform transfer and
sharing between Android and iOS devices.
Phone to PC/MAC
==>Connects your phone to any PC/MAC – even other people’s, anywhere!
==>Transfers everything – files, pictures,
music, videos, even apps!
Where Can I Download it?

==>Android Users = Download
Here From Google Play Store

==>iPhone/ iPad (iOS) users = Download Here From iTunes Store
==>Blackberry 10 phone users = Download the APK
version Here
Once you’ve downloaded it on your
device, setting up connections is so easy… With this app, you’ll almost be
tempted to delete Bluetooth from your device.
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19 thoughts on “Xender – Your Fastest Way to Transfer Any Files in Seconds From Android to iPad/iPhone or Blackberry10”

    • Hello SrahJ,
      Kindly go to settings >>> about and check for update if its available for your device. Make sure you are connected to internet so that it can check for the update.

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    • This is a popular issue for most ppl.

      What I would say is

      – use a clean, fast loading and responsive template
      – Add your page links to either your blog sidebar or header
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    • Hello Moses,
      To add to what Hon. Tech Gist suggested,

      ==>Your post must not be less than 300 words,
      ==>Add Privacy policy, Contact us and About us page to your blog.
      ==>That your about you is linkded to Google plus which is not adviceable at all… create a seperate about us page.
      ==>Don't apply often as said, wait for 3 weeks before you apply again aftr which you've made the correction.

  2. Okay Prof I have a problem ohh, my Infinix hot note pro since the day I bought it, it has not been able to receive apps either through flash share or xender, what can I do?


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