You Can Now Report Your Telecom Provider Directly to NCC

See Gobe!
This is to all phone users in Nigeria…
I don’t know if this is a good steps or not but let me wait until I see

Have you having issues with your
telecom provider? Have you called their CC and they refuse to rectify it? Well,
the good news is you can now call Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC)
directly and lay your complain. 

Remember few months ago, one Africa country
sued MTN for sending any how sms to its citizens… I don’t know what yours may
be but if you talked to your telecom provider and they refuse to rectify it,
then you now know what next to do.
How Can I Reach NCC?

You can dial toll-free customer care
line 622
and lay your complain.
Those of you still rocking 60GB free
data, I raise yansh for una oo!

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16 thoughts on “You Can Now Report Your Telecom Provider Directly to NCC”

  1. hello prof, i have been an airtel loyalist all this while and i am tired, i use a Samsung device and would like to switch to glo do i need to do any tweaking before using the glo comonth plan on android

    • Airtel isn't even recorded at all for you. it zapps like straw in Youghout. You need to do some tweaking before you use Glo on your Samsung. Tweaking of your Imei

  2. Let us team together and report Airtel madness. I can't believed subscribing to Android #2,000 and I can't login to my dashboard. I almost get ban from Google because of there I.p changing per seconds .they are using some ban I.p to deliver there browsing .and that's y is not strong .let report them pls.


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