Are You Ready to Welcome Blackberry Android? 41% Loading…

Is somebody sensing what I’m sensing? Blackberry Venice
Android  is gradually loading and with
the phone design I’ve seen so far, I think is going to be a great device… if
you are a lover of blackberry10, get ready to port to Android.

Another leak surfaced yesterday and this time around we have
a render of what is said to be BlackBerry’s upcoming slider phone, running a
full version of Android.  It is so close
to a full release, and I wonder if other Android device manufacturer will be
able to stand this heat.
Remember its going to be:
    5.4-inch Quad-HD display

    18 MP rear-camera
    5 MP front-camera
    1.8 GHz Hexa-core (Snapdragon 808 chipset) 64-bit
    3 GB RAM

I’m keenly interested in the battery capacity ‘cos this kind of killer device, will need to be charge once in a week.
Blackberry users, are you ready?
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22 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Welcome Blackberry Android? 41% Loading…”

  1. Boss prof. I like ur updte and have being ur fan for quite some time nw.
    Here is my mobile number. 07031900072, plz add me up on whatsapp for updates

  2. Yomi! I've been using the Etisalat Blackberry data plan (N1000 for 3GB) on my Blackberry Bold 4 phone until yesterday, I just got myself a Blackberry Z30 phone & i want to keep using the same Etisalat (N1000 for 3GB) plan on my new phone. Please how do i go about it?
    Thank You.

    • Hello B,
      Etisalt normal BlackBerry plan of 1000 N won't work on ur Z3. Its only glo normal BlackBerry plan that works on it. U need to go for Etisalat bb10 plan or android plan on ur z3 if u really wanna use eti on it.

  3. Ok then! So how many GigaBytes do I get for the cheapest Etisalat BB10 Plan & how much does it go for, for the Blackberry Z30 phone please?


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