Finally Blackberry Android “Venice” Set to Launch in November – See Spec

First of it kind, Blackberry is not just porting to Android OS but it’s first flagship codename “venice”  will be up and running come November 2015.

Here is what the reported specs of the Venice are:

    5.4-inch Quad-HD display
    18 MP rear-camera
    5 MP front-camera
    1.8 GHz Hexa-core (Snapdragon 808 chipset) 64-bit
    3 GB RAM

I’ll leave you to paint a picture of the internal memory in your minds.

Looking at the specs, it appears as though BlackBerry is going big on this device. Size wise we are looking at just under half an inch larger than the BlackBerry Leap, the same amount of RAM as seen in the BlackBerry Passport, but the biggest upgrade would be in the processor. This would be the same chip that LG just used in its latest flagship, the LG G4.

Blackberry users, will your rock this device? Coming soon!


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16 thoughts on “Finally Blackberry Android “Venice” Set to Launch in November – See Spec”

  1. why can't they just start with a device with a bit lesser specs. I'm sure by d time we hear d price of did one, we'll be hearing things like 100k +. Well lets see ow did one will play out in d Nigerian market

    • If they start with a device with less spec, they won't sell, because other devices are already competing and taking over the market.

      Believe you me, Tecno is already loosing the market to infinix, Gionee, and innjooo because of inferior spec. I think Blackberry took the giant step.

  2. This is indeed a welcome developement. Android has successfully taken over the market. I even love this, for the first time, coming out with 3GB ram, I am more interested i the Internal memory.

    • Hello Tunde,
      This thread is not good enuf for blog review. I'll open a thread tonight for blog review and adsense fixing, just be patience.


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