Airtel Magic Call – Call Unlimited For Life

This is not a normal tweak so I can’t tell if it’s going to be blog
in the next 30min. But a loyal fan of this blog text this stuff to me for blog
readers to benefit and I must confess I tried it and I made free calls with it.

So if you are still glued to your phone or pc screen, look
for any available airtimeless airtel sim and follow the below procedures.
==>Make sure you have #0.0 on your airtel sim to avoid
your money being deducted.
==>Dial 987 and a voice will respond to you in English
==>Listen carefully and press the 4 or 3 as an option
==>You will be required to provide the number you want to
be transferred to (enter the number you wish to call)
==>And finally you are connected.
So easy and simple but I can’t guarantee you if by the time you’ll
wake up tomorrow morning this simple tweak will still be working.
Will it work with other lines aside of airtel?
Ans: I only tried it with an airtel line and made free calls
with it.
It kept telling me number not in use
Ans: Redial it again and again until you hear those instruction
as above.
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