Even Blackberry Want to Port to Android OS – What is so special About Android?

It all started from Nokia, when they ported their OS from
Windows to Android by introducing Nokia XL running on Android OS even though it
has limited internal memory. I’ve over head some IOS users complaining of being
tired of  iOS  devices, and needed to make
some changes by using Android devices…
Now, its blackberry…

Its been rumored that their next device
may come with an Android operating system. According to the report, the move to
use Android is part of BlackBerry‘s strategy to pivot to focus on software and
device management. BlackBerry, which once dominated smartphone sales, now has a
market share of less than 1 percent.

Though It isn’t clear from the report if this shift would be
for one particular upcoming smartphone, or if it would be a larger move away
from BlackBerry
My question now is, what is so special about Android OS that
every body want to port to it? To all blackberry users like my grandma, we’ll
be glad to welcome you to Android Club.
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33 thoughts on “Even Blackberry Want to Port to Android OS – What is so special About Android?”

  1. Android is the king.. This is A-Game-For-A-Throne. Android Os is sitting on the throne. Pls my Prof how can I play dot bin (.bin) format on my android. Fifa 2014 reply I saved (/sdcard/Android/data/com.ea.game.fifa14_row/replayFile_1.bin) I can't play it. Pls help.

    • Hello Ogochukwu,
      I thought you've asked this question before and I've answered You. If your modem doesn't display unlock code when you insert an alien sim, then it might be difficult to unlock.

      download the latest DC unlocker to verify your status.

  2. Yea… Android is the king! Had to ditch my iPhone cos it's not flexible enough for me.

    Upgraded my Xperia t2 ultra (single sim) to 5.0
    Now the phone keeps freezing from time to time,could it be the upgrade cos it wasn't like this before the upgrade.

    • Yes, its the upgrade… that causes the freezing. It's either you downgrade it or upgrade it again to the latest lollipop version before it will be fixed.

  3. Hello prof please I talked about my ZTE Light tab.

    Please I have a tab (ZTE Light Ver. C – Qualcomm MSM7x27 800MHz) that runs on 2.3.5. I want to flash a custom Rom on it. It's rooted.
    Please how do I get/generate it's recovery image? How do I get a custom Rom or port one for it?
    Thanks prof. I anticipate your reply.

    • Hello Mr Michael,
      It is obvious you are still running ANdroid OS 2.3.5 when the queen of England has already upgraded her Android to Android M.

      to see how you can create a recovery image, check here

      Download this Lollipop Rom for your device and follow the guide Lollipop rom

  4. Prof yomi pls d glo bis is no more connecting on my tecno j7, i even changed d imei again but still d same,am still having 2828mb, av been browsing with blackberry.net just yesterday, its only connecting to glo flat pls help thanx.

    • Hello In'diah Jah'swill,
      Thanks for your valuable contribution to this… I had always known Nokia XL runs on – Nokia X platform 1.0 UI Android OS (Jellybean V4.1.2)

      Whether Nokia U1 or not, all android apps works on it… so it runs on Android.

  5. Prof yomi av tried d real bb imei still not working, am using d new tecno boom j7 can i factory data reset? Hope it will nt harm my phone. Thanx pls reply ASAP


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