OS Update Files For All BlackBerry 10 Devices Now Available

Where are the Blackberry10 users? Get in here let’s update
your device to the latest OS. I want to believe that there are no more
Blackberry user who are still on OS10.1 if not you’ll be classified as OS7
Blackberry announced some couples of days ago that there
will be a roll out of version with a lots of improvement and added

It might take a while to get to you, but the roll out will
sure get to you. But according to Crackberry forum, there’s already another OS
available for download that’s slightly higher than what BlackBerry is
delivering officially which is OS10.3.2.798.
If you can’t wait for the official roll out, get into the
crackberry forum and update the leak higher version here.
Your device just got a new boss!
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18 thoughts on “OS Update Files For All BlackBerry 10 Devices Now Available”

  1. Pls I hv a problem with my BlackBerry torch 3, it doesn't connect to my system (I hv tried it on many systems and different cords), and wen eva am not charging it, it switches off and won't on again until I remove d battery and re-insert it. I hv taken it to 3 different engineers bt they couldn't repair it.
    A friend of mine said I whould take it to Slot office, so I want to confirm if Slot repair BlackBerry phones.

    • Hello Xnature, you need to have an active internet connection before it will be able to dial. Yes, BB touch and some others normally experience this kind of problem most especially when you are out of data.


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