How to Upgrade Upgrade to OS 10.3.1 on Blackberry 10 Device Without PC.

Without much doubt, OS 10.3.1 comes with many incredible new
enhancements and I wrote something about upgrading your OS with Sachesi some
couples of days ago because the update was not available for all as of that
time. But I have a good news for every blackberry 10 users, the update is now
available; so if you’ve been unble to use Sachesi to upgrade… you can now do
this with one click.

Why Should I Upgrade my OS to 10.3.1?

The latest OS 10.3.1 is superb with amazing features
==>Blackberry Blend: Blackberry Blend is a new simple way to
effortlessly view your BB messaging and content on your computer or tablets.
==>Blackberry Assistant: it also comes with BB assistant;
an incredible personal assistant intuitively controlled by voice or text.
==>Amazon Apps store: This time around, you need to
wonder how to install android apps on your blackberry 10… It comes with a
default Amazon Apps store with 1000’s of Android apps suitable for your bb10
for free.
==>Battery Enhancement: this will help boost your battery
efficiency by up to 15%.
How Can I Upgade?

Before you begin, please back up your current version of OS (It’s very important)
==>Go to Blackberry Appstore>>>The first message
you’ll see will be your OS 10.3.1 upgrade message as seen in the image below.
==> Make sure you are connected to a wi-fi or you have
your data enabled modem  plugged to your
PC with Blackberry Link installed.
If you don’t have blackberry link, please download one here
or use Wi-Fi directly on your mobile.
==>It will take some couples of min between 30min – 60min
depending on the speed of your internet network.
Once you are done upgrading, your device will reboot and …
Welcome to OS 10.3.1
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10 thoughts on “How to Upgrade Upgrade to OS 10.3.1 on Blackberry 10 Device Without PC.”

  1. can i unbrick my phone if it gets brickd since i nw have cwm installed?? if ''yes". how?? couse ther is this f5 supernova rom dat i wan 2 install in my phone. incase anything goes wrong i wan 2 knw hw i can restore my phone's rom back

    • Sure you can unbrick your fone is you brick it. Just make sure you make a nandroid back up of your current rom before you run f5 supernova rom.

      See this guide here on how to do that.

  2. Yomi i need your help please. I mistakenly installed only 14 files of the new bb10 OS on my Z10 using sachesi and now the keypad is no longer working, and the usb cable doesn't connect the phone to the computer. So now the phone is stucked on the password screen. What should I do please. Please, please and please reply.. thanks

  3. Yes I have a backup of the my old OS. I have tried 5 different usb cables but none of them seem to work. Am I totally screwed or is there another solution?

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