How to Download Uttorent With MTN BIS on PC Working Flawlessly (Video)

This is not new but a kind of new to some people. However,
if you’ve been finding it difficult to use MTN bis on PC with uttorent, and you’ve try all
you can but no headway, then this post is for you. A fan of this blog “Menebari” has just
created a simple video on how you can easily download utorrent tixati with MTN BIS on PC with simplicity. A very big thank you to him.

Just click on this link “how to use mtn bis on PC”. And if
you want to download the video directly, please put ss in place of www…. E.g
and it will take you straight to your download page. Select MP4 and your
download will begin.
To those using mobile, this post here is still very much up
to date and valid… and MTN BB day rocks like thunder.
Are you still encountering problem with this ish? Drop your
problem below using the comment form.
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13 thoughts on “How to Download Uttorent With MTN BIS on PC Working Flawlessly (Video)”

  1. Bro abeg I don't get how to use the stuff I mean d torrent download I downloaded flud but I cant c where to download from nor can I c d torrent links I tried adding links but to no avail pls help out

  2. Hello Mr yomi, I can't browse with my pc using simple server doe I followed the procedure but anytime am browsing it's always show me connection reset. So please I really need your help towards this problem

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