Very Important: What Third Party Data Resellers Didn’t Tell You

Everyone that in one way or the other value the use of data
on his or her android device need to read what I’m about to share with you. If
you are a worker or student, what I’m about to share with you in one way or the
other will push you forward if it’s carefully followed.

Recently I shared with us on how to get  data plan from third party agent like
Mobiblaze and Modest Data Plan for a more cheaper price than what MTN and the
likes offers; but I discovered something so amazing, and everyone should
carefully read it because this might be the next thing you are waiting to read
or know.
Every third party agent that sell data be it MTN, Glo,
Etisalat etc perhaps didn’t tell you this before you
subscribed for their plan the duration it will take  before your plan expires. I stumbled on a
post on Nairaland where one of the reseller honestly came out to share what is
A lot of people today are into reselling MTN, GLO &
ETISALAT SME Data Share bundles business in order to ease the burden of
excessive amount of data charge for Android, PC, iPhone and window phones users.
Buying MTN 1gb data for #1,000 is a very good development but;
According to the Agent, 
==>The data bundle you subscribed from someone DOES
NOT carry a 30 days validity as we earlier made you to believed.

The life cycle of the bit-by-bit shared/sold data volume is tied to the 30 days
validity available on the total given data volume by MTN. Let’s say I bought my
data bundle from MTN on the 13th of July, 2014, and you in turn bought some
from me today 23rd July, 2014, your validity will be till 13th August, 2014, as
against 23rd, August, 2014. With this scenario, the data sold out in bits by
subscribers do not enjoy a separate validity period outside the parent data
bundle from where you got your share.
Therefore, should you desire to use any reseller here, please ask them the day
they purchase their data so that you wouldn’t fall a victim of expecting your
plan to expire in 30 days’ time, but only be disconnected or your airtime wipe
out in 2 days as the validity period of your reseller expires.
==>You can’t make multiple subscriptions on the same
MTN line from different resellers when you still have some data volume in your
account from your previous subscription.

For those of you that may be thinking of extending your validity period by
buying multiple data bundles on your line, please take note that any amount of
data you purchased does not have any separate life cycle outside its mother’s
life cycle, which automatically rule out your attempts of extending the
lifespan of your data bundles. If you are making a multiple purchases from the
same person on the same line, your validity period will be tied to the same
date of the parent validity, and you can only have your validity period
extended if your provider have bought a new data plan from MTN.

But to make another subscription from a different reseller is NOT POSSIBLE when
you still have left-over data volume in your account. To change your current
reseller probably due to price differences, you just have to exhaust your old
data plan before doing so.
Note Please:
Before you buy your next subscription from any reseller,
please ask them the date they purchased their current plan
. It is very very
Also bear it in mind that the data volumes you buy from any reseller DOES NOT
have any 30 days validity period. Its validity is between 1 to 30 days,
depending on the date your reseller purchased his data bundles from MTN.
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24 thoughts on “Very Important: What Third Party Data Resellers Didn’t Tell You”

  1. Yea@prof. Its good u brought d info here so others can know. I also stumbled across the info on nairaland. I had to bookmark d page self. D guy is honest but some other dubious guys were attackin him. But all d same, honesty pays cos i bought from d honest guy even thou his mtn 1gb is 1400.

  2. Tnx alot dear, Am into the biz, some ppl will tell u that mtn 1gb is 900 u buying buying not knowing his validity period remain 4days, If i place my price at 1gb at #1500 ppl will say its too costly. I buy every week from mtn. Honesty is sole of any biz. Prof i owe u alot for this info u gave them. my no 07030182030. Pls Prof can u Add me on whatsapp for ur gift

  3. Prof u re right. I can't believe I paid the guy you told us about on Friday and Wednesday, jot even up to a week the data read 0mb. So annoying. And I did not even use it much. I'm grateful for the glo package on bb10 you told us about cos it's been serving me without any disappointment . Guess I'll just stick to it. You the main man Bro, do your thing.

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