Whatsapp+ – Must Have For All Android Users

Whatsapp+ is a well customizable Whatsapp that allow you to
change many things to suite your taste like colors, size etc.
Android users, I think you need this version of whatsapp on
your smartphone. I know the first question you are probably going to ask me is
why do I need this whatsapp? After all I have whatsapp already installed on

mobile device.

This version of whatsapp bypasses some limitation not
covered by the one you have installed on your device. Like the following
==>It bypasses the upload media limit 16mb. This means
that you can upload files more than 16mb without any more limitation.
==> You can increase quality of pictures sent
==>It also allows you to hide your online status, last
seen and comes with inbuilt theme viewer and downloader.
Where Can I Download it?

You can download it for your android here
Just set it, customize it to suite your taste; so what are
you waiting for?
Mind you, you can also check how to extend your whatsapp
expiry date till lifetime here.
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27 thoughts on “Whatsapp+ – Must Have For All Android Users”

  1. "I got error while parsing file" when I tried to load on my galaxy s4. Please prof…how can I swap my samsung imei….all d method u gave isnt working for me. Pls I need to use glo..it is the best network in my area

  2. please mr yomi I sub for the airtel bb unlimited today dey sent me an msg that is live that I should remove my ba3 and I did so then they told me it is activated that I should re-insert my ba3 and I did so but my mb is not showing wen I check with *123*10# and also when checked with *141*712*0# it said I didn't have an active plan. please help and is not also browsing.

    • Just forgive airtel and dial *123*9# for your balance.
      And make sure you set your default apn to: Internet.ng.airtel.com
      password and username: internet.

    • Yes, it will work. Just locate your settings and you should see your hotspot, put it on and yoru PC will see available network. connect and keep surfing.

  3. hi mr.yomite… I got a problem
    I subscribed for GLO bis on bb and followed the normal procedure to make it work on android… it worked while I was in akure in ONDO state.. buh when I entered Lagos of recent… it didn't work….dunno wat to do…I still av like 2.7gb left…it worked on BB here in Lagos but not working on android.. I would appreciate ur suggestion s thanx

    • I think you worked with the first configuration that is some how location based.
      Remove your Glo sim, put it inside a BB phones, browse with it for some time, make sure it's set to 3G and remove it back to your android (Make sure your android have 3G network and not Edge).
      It should connect after then. If it didn't connect, then you have to tweak your imei


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