Affordable Data Plans For All Smartphones

I don’t know how much we all crave for a cheaper internet
services but I know It’ badly. Smartphone without an internet connection is
just like a pen without a paper. Just recently, Airtel blocked their network
from working with PDProxy. However, if you have a Multilink modem, you can as
well use your pdproxy with it as it browses freely.

Airtel Bis: I Noticed some bug with this ish again and I
think I should touch it before some other persons will fall victim. Only if you
are not an heavy internet user should you go for Airtel 4GB for #1,500 i.e you
don’t download or stream too much; because Airtel 4GB is equivalent to Airtel
2GB. I don’t know why they refuse to adjust their server as the magical zapping
of data still continues. Though I don’t know if it’s all their plan or just this one alone.
MTN Night Plan: If you are unable to activate Glo 3GB for 1k
which works on your Android, BB10 and PC then should you go for Mtn Night Plan.
And the only reason why you won’t be able to use this as an android users is if
you are using a Samsung Smartphone. Every other Android users can and should
give Glo Bis a trial. Samsung users should exercise a little patient so that I
can get the imei software ready for you all. Mtn Night plan gives you 4.5GB and
in most cases, you won’t be able to finish it except you are a heavy internet
users. It currently works on all platform including Nokia Java phones.
To activate, text 102 to 131 or dial *102# and it will be up
and running.
Glo Bis: This has been one of my best of all time. As you
are reading this post now, My Bis plan will expire December , 2014 with 12GB
unused. I used it on all my devices; when I mean all including iPhone/iPad,
Tablets, BB10 and PC. It is cheap and affordable. With #1,000, 3GB is sure for
you. Mind you, if you are an android user, you must tweak your imei before you’ll
be able to use this.
Etisalat: Etisalat bis seems to be operating in a state of Bermuda
triangle. I learn’t it works on Android and PC but doesn’t power BBM. As soon as
I get the full configuration, I’ll post it here for all to use. Remember that
my job is to make internet surfing cheap for everyone.
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46 thoughts on “Affordable Data Plans For All Smartphones”

    • Hello, Glo bis won't work directly on ur iPhone except via android hotspot. If u have an android phone, you can share it with you iPhone and iPad.

  1. Pls help me prof. I just downloaded blackberry desk top manager 5.0.1 and I was able to input and save the apn '' and I connected with my glo line. It was connected to the internet. But I have not yet subscribed for a glo bis plan. I want know if it will browse if I subscribe for a glo bis plan? Pls reply

    • It will browse but it's adviceable if you can, look for someone who already has active glo bis sub on his/her own device and try it on yours.

  2. Nice job prof.
    Pls i want to ask concerning the glo bis, if data can be turned off and turned on without having to insert it back on a blackberry???

    • Lol, data can be turned off only if you are you've tweaked your imei… once it's successfully tweaked, it can be turned off and on anyhow you like.

  3. Pls Prof help me with this MTN 4.5gb night plan…I don't seem to be able to use it in d day after the bonus for day finishes.Av tried different software-MTN-SS,Tsagero,OpenVPN,Pdproxy all to no avail since I don't av an android to keep my data on all day,so I can't use the 9pm-6am stuff that continuosly run pls help me with a working solution.Av asked d question on another thread but u didn't answer,pls do answer pls.

  4. Hey prof, using the Glo Bis on my pc and it totally slow.. cant download shit. tot it was network but it wasnt. dont know its problem.. can hardly open normal pages

  5. But my comonth is not working on my bb z10 and I check the apn its, I don't now wether bcos the line is new or wat……pls help

    • Is it already activated? Check your glo bis status by dialing *777*0#

      If your comonth sub is active, restart your bb10 and see if it will come up

  6. Good day Prof., I have been an avid reader of your blog and was delighted when I read that Airtel is giving 4g for #2,000. However, the excitement has been cut short sooner than expected. Firstly, after confirmation that my number was eligible, I loaded and made subscription using *440*161#. However, my data balance keeps showing 35 MB every time I check. I think airtel is using this promote as a stratagem to entice customer with the aim of not delivering value for the data (money). This is extremely poor and shameful of them. Besides, I exhausted the #1,500 worth of data within 2 days. Still can’t phantom this.

  7. Thanks yomi! I've been able to subscribe but it's not working yet tho. It says I have to wait for an hour or more for it to connect…don't know why tho.


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