How Often Should I Change my Password?

is a pretty simple question right? And I know a lot of you must have in one way
or the other ask this question time and again. I’ve been privilege to deliver
Computer security lectures in different places and one of the most asked
question is how often should I change my password?

is something only you should know; not even your spouse is supposed to have an
idea of what your password looks like. It becomes unsecure when more than two
persons know your password.

I’ve thought a lot about better ways to answer that question. I have a few, and
I want to hear your answers. But before I get to that, I thought I’d find some
better people to answer the question. I did a quick, informal survey of the
best in the information security business, and here’s what they said to me.

Network Administrator.
I only change my password if I’m worried a service has been hacked/compromised.
I have different passwords for each site. In fact, I change my Yahoo password
every 60 days.

From Global Enterprise Network Solutions:
change my password when I noticed it has been compromise

I noticed someone is trying to hack into my email account

my computer is been used by more than two people.

for me, I think every 30 days your password should be change. I’ll like to hear
from you how often do you think your password should be changed?

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32 thoughts on “How Often Should I Change my Password?”

  1. Which of the password prof? Email account or social sites? I don't know how many password I will have to change if it's bith ooo

  2. My passwords are static. My FB password alone is a 52 lengthy combination of Alphas, Numbers, symbols. It will take a geek and i mean a real and experienced hacker to decipher that password. All other social accounts stays secure. Though i do change them, once in a while.


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