Beware! Ransom 32 Dangerous PC Malware is in Town

I want to believe that while we are still battling to unfold the year
in full, still decrypting Monkey test and time virus that has ravaged most
android devices, another Killer malware show faces but this time, deadly to all
PC users.

Ransom 32 is the latest malware in town … using a Node.js runtime
environment running on the NW.js platform to hack into an operating system,
then it holds the PC ransom.  If you are entangled by this Malware, it will
automatically encrypt all your files system until you make a ransom payments.

Those of us that always download via torrent sites, installing browsers
extention are more expose to this malware because its just about 20MB delivered
as a compressed RAR file, Ransom32 self-extracts and
uses WinRAR’s scripting language to configure the malware to launch at system
Ransom32 does not affect Mac or Linux users as it relies on the easy
execution of an .exe file to achieve its ends.
How Can I Protect my Self From Ransom 32?
==>Make sure you make a constant back up of all your files
==>Do not download any .winrar or zip attachment from unknown
==>Also be careful of the browser extensions you install on your
Ransom 32 malware is a kidnapper… beware!
Read more about Ransom 32 here
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