TECH SAT: Is Your Mobile Device or PC Having Issues? Fix it Here

Its weekend again people and it’s time to do the one thing
we know how to do best. Let’s solve some mobile device and PC problem. I know
your smartphone definitely will one way or the other develop a problem and some
you’ll fix, some you’ll find it difficult to fix on your own; but we’ve got you

Whatever might be wrong with your mobile device or PC,
ranging from soft bricking, hard bricking, upgrading or whatever it might be,
an Engr will help you proffer a solution to it. So use the comment box below
and tell us what exactly is wrong with your device.
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88 thoughts on “TECH SAT: Is Your Mobile Device or PC Having Issues? Fix it Here”

  1. Good have been waiting for this
    My tecno L5 is working perfectly but atimes do malfunction like I want to open data usage it will refuse to open even if I try to on the flash light (night) Sd card just got full within secs

    • Smartphone is like human being, when its been over worked, they tend to misbehave. Do this simple trick and it will fix your device.

      Go to settings>>apps>> click on individuals apps you have installed on your device and hit the clear data button. Do the for all the application but don't touch Google play services and google playstore. Once you are done, reboot your device.

  2. My tecno p5+ rebooted and since then it has not pass the experience smart life now boot screen please what can i do to get ma phone back and running again

    • Hello Anthonia, (Make sure you have good internet connection in your location and it is not set to EDGE. If your network is not good, browsing experience will definitely be dull.) If you think your network is good on your tab an not on EDGE then Proceed to the next steps:

      Two ways to fix this but first of all, you need to soft reset ur device. If it didn't fix it then you perform the second steps. In most cases, soft reset fixes it.

      Soft Reset Procedure
      >>Press and hold the POWER button.
      >>Release the button when the screen turns off.
      >>Wait for your tablet to get rebooted.
      See if it is now running like it was before.

      clear your browser cache and any other apps cache. You can clear your app cache by going to settings>>apps and click on the apps after which you can reboot.

      Finally, Double check that the Performance setting is not set to conservative.

  3. I use a wiko slide 2, now I notice that the right side of the screen is not responsive to touch. Like when I go to menu, I can't select apps lined up on the right. So I gave to search. Even while typing in chats, I can't use some keys unless I rotate d screen. Any quick fix?

  4. Yeah…Good day sir, having problem with my samsung s4 charging port, its not charging and I try to change the charging port connector also buy a new battery and am still facing the same issue… I always see this error anytime I try to charge it "*Charging paused, battery temperature too low*"….. pls, what can I do???

  5. Thanks YP have clear all the data expect those you said I should not touch, but my phone anytime I put on 3G after sometimes automatically returns to 2G/3G and some areas are not working will like data usage refuse to open I will need to wait for some minutes same thing the touchlight and pls what app can I use to backup…. tecno L5

  6. Please help! My HP pavilion G6 screen will just go off while it's still on. After multiple off/on process, it will then come up. What might be the problem?

    • Hello Anonymous, are you sure you didn't set it to turn off after some couples of minutes if unused? Since its not BOD issue, I'll suggest you check if you set it to that.

      Click on Start>>then Control Panel >>and then Hardware and Sound, and then click on Power Options.

      >>Click on the Change plan settings link that is next to the plan that is currently selected.

      >>make sure that Put the computer to sleep is set to Never. Next, change the Turn off the display setting to whatever value you desire.

      You can also check your Screen saver settings features.

  7. my phantom5 doesn't show any options to backup or to restore backup when I put it in recovery mode. the Android Logo will show but when I press up volume or down volume nothing else will appear. the android Logo will just remain like that. so for this reason I can't backup my phone. am just confused


    • You probably might have enabled the MXTP. This may work for you or not but give it a shot. Enable the wifi connection and login with the Gmail account you set up on the phone.


      Follow this thread up on XDA to fix it here

    • Oga Yomi mine Google has not been working
      I have done the necessary things u told me b4 but is not working
      Like clear cache and clear data
      And I don't want to factory reset my phone
      Any other way?

  9. Good day prof, my Wiko Sunset 2 has issues, Thumbnails always likes creating a folder on my phone and store pictures which occupies space. Please help because if I delete the folder it comes back again.

  10. Tnx for ds opportunity Yomi.
    I have a old dell like dat still using window xp. I bought a window 7 installation disc to at least upgrade it but i alwx receive error evn at d start of installation, can't recollect d error but it seems to me dia r som hindrances to ds be it hardware or smtin else. I need u to enlighten me on ds
    my system is dell d670, 32gb hdd, 1gb ram. Tnx

  11. hELLO prof i am emmykay,my pc issue is that when i put it on its always showing slant going tab mode instead of being 90 degree straight screen so pls helpme out av done all i could but still same thing.

    • U need to adjust d settings of ur pc display, u can do dat on control panel, navigate to appearance nd personalization , move to orientation den u select landscape

  12. I just upgraded an infinix zero to Android 5.1, now the battery takes like 5 – 6hrs to full charge and discharges when used even when plugged in…..

    What should I do… If it's downgrade, pls link for stock rom

    • I doubt ooo, MTN can't send you message when you don't have sim on it. Maybe you should try another sim inside your phone, and watch if you still receive such messages

  13. prof pls my tecno l8 closes apps itself and i don't have many apps in it. anytime i open an app and switch to another app, the phone will have closed the previous app and the app will load again as if im just opening it again… its frustrating pls help

    • If your letter ain't pressing again, then you'll need to change your Laptop keyboard.

      Secondly, May reasons could result to why your mouse pointer hang or freezes…
      Check if this solution fix it for your here

  14. Prof My acer aspire mini laptop stopped booting on, I have to restart it like 20 times or more before it comes on and when it comes on it just hangs I won't be able to make use of it. Please Prof wat will I do I have not used it for months am just confused

    • hello Prince,
      Many things like make your laptop not to boot up. The first thing you should answer is can you you boot it into safemode?
      >>Press F8 as your laptop is starting up and you’ll get a menu offering to boot into Safe Mode. From their you can due some changes…

      Another thing you should check is either your Windows OS is corrupt hence needs reloading or you change your hard disk if the initial is not working.

  15. What is d solution to frequent automatic switching off of phone (Vkworld F1) ? I wake up seeing my phone off or sometimes while receiving calls ,d phone will just turn off like five times daily, what is d way out of this mess ? I got it 4m Aliexpress recently for $42

    • The solution is battery. Check if your battery is properly fixed. or use a piece of paper to support the batter so that it can contact well with the battery terminal or change the battery completely.

  16. To power d Vkworld F1 on again after an automatic switching off, I ve to remove d battery every time it switches off and then press d power on button. It is frustrating. Prof Yomi please help out to stop this unwanted automatic turning off Vkworld F1 smartless phone. Tnx

    • by going to Menu, Settings, Language & keyboard, Touch Input, Text Input, under Finger touch precision, choose Calibration tool or even Reset calibration.

  17. Good morning, my samsung duos is not working smoothly. It takes alot of time to open phone contact, message and other aps despite the fact that I always remove junks files using memory booster. I need your help. Thanks.

    • Your Samsung needs cleansing… Go to settings>>>Apps and open individual apps, click on clear data. do that for all your application but don't touch Google Play and Google Play services. After which you can reboot your device and watch the performance.

      If no changes, then you'll need to restore it to factory settings… but before you do that, back up your doc and files including contacts.

  18. Prof.. I use an infinix hot note 2.. But the 1gb RAM version, and I find it difficult to minimize and still resume the application. Is there any lighter ROM that can work here.. Cos the stock ROM occupies more than half of the RAM already.

  19. Hey, I recently changed the panel of my samsung galaxy note N7000, but i can't get service network. The baseband is showing unknown and the imei null/null. What can be done prof?

    • Hello Al-ameen, I've already answered you in your previous comment but it appears you didn't read it. Download touch screen calibration from google playstore..Install it and follow the onscreen instructions

  20. 1) My Hot note doesn't show when I connect it to my PC, (I can't access my files)
    2)My chrome browser on my laptop only opens Facebook and all Google sites(Gmail, blogger etc)
    3)I want to upgrade my hot note to Lollipop.. I already downloaded the two files in this your post.. What next?

    • 1. Does it detect on your laptop? if Yes, choose connect through MTP from your android once you connect it to your laptop and you'll be able to access your file. If it doesn't detects on your laptop at all, have you try another usb cable?

      2. Clear your browser cache… And also try to mask your ip address with vpn. Once done, try and open other sites, if they opened, then you need to try another network perhaps your local IP address might be a culprit.

      3.Just follow the guide carefully in that post

  21. Hello prof of have hp 8.1 2g ram how can I increase the Tam to 6gig ram cos It's presently slow due to the application's I have on it. And also my p5+ when browsing freezes and drains much battery in no time, and It once told me that I have contacted a virus due to a file I downloaded that have affected my battery how do I resolve these

    • Hello Hamaz,
      Its very simple to increase your Ram, if you are techy enough, you can open your laptop back cover or give it to an engineer, they'll replace your 2GB ram with 6GB ram. You an always buy a 6GB Ram from a computer hardware store near you. You can do it yourself.

      If your P5 have contacted a virus. My 2 cents advice, back up your files on your PC and factory reset your device. it will fix it.

  22. Prof. Pls help.
    Am not that familiar with Pc.
    My bro just get me one pc. Hp 2000
    not new tho. My friend help installed app on it. But later the app wont open. Only few opens.
    And am also unable to uninstall it.

    Also if i wanted to open pre install app. It will tell me to turn on something under User Account. Which i will do and i will be asked to restart. If i turn off the pc and on it again. I will have to turn on User account and restart again.
    Pls help

    • Hello Pallygist,
      I think what you need is just step by step guide on how to operate your new system. its very simple. Why not tell your friend to put your through. Or should I send you a guide in pdf format?

  23. My infinix hot note pro is no longer fast charging again it takes about 8 hours to charge now, have rom 5.1 and also kitkat on but still no way out have used strong charger and USB still no way

  24. Hello prof.. Weldon for your hard working, please i don't know what the hell wrong with my BlackBerryQ10. It won't download google play store..or google play service an I've been all my efforts to get it download.. please is there any settings I need to do before downloading the App, coz i've. Tried all the possible way after I changed the settings to "download from all sources" but it was remain the same please help me out asap… hoping to hear from you asap!!!


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