How To Prevent Spam Email Messages

I believe we are all having a nice day already? First of
all, I will like sincerely apologize to as many as possible those who have been
receiving spam messages thinking it’s from me but not from me. I don’t send people
messages except for tutorial demanded. I believe it’s the work of spam bot; and
if you check my last post on free 7GB, you will notice that I have hidden all
the comments that contains emails. The most annoying part of this spam message
is when you are expecting a life changing

email, that’s this spam messages
normally roll in telling you to buy something or advert. Choi…! So annoying.

Please if you have been receiving spam messages for any
adverts or to buy anything at all, it is not from Yomiprof.

Kindly do the following to deactivate every spam messages
received so that when next that kind of message roll into your emails, it will
automatically go into your spam folder.
How Can I Stop Spam Messages?
Go to your inbox
Check the mail that looks spammy  and send them to your Spam folder
Delete all spam messages from your spam folder.
When next such kind of message is coming in to your mail, it
will go straight to your spam folder. I’ll derive another means of sending us
hidden tweaks instead of posting your email address here
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7 thoughts on “How To Prevent Spam Email Messages”

  1. Oga prof believe me the best way out is just to post it here for us to see, email posting here bvis if tweak is not advisableanf can cost perandmore than what tweak can provide bcos am receiving alot of spam mail too telling to update my bank details.
    It will be better to be posting i here for us to see afteral all the tweak are still get block, i never see tweak wey reach 2 weeks
    Please my prof try an stop email posting, i u no post hete and u send to email believe me people will go and post it on there site or blogs and they will take the credit. and it wil be in record that the tweak sutface first on there site.

  2. @Anonumous and Femi, i agree with you guys opinion but it's not all tutorial we post in public.

    What if i have a tutorial on how to generate free #1,500 airtime, do you expect me to post it in public? Noooooo… because the tweak will not last. There are some tweaks that last up to six months or even 9months. An example of such tweak was when mtn was paying #570 every morning…

    So whatever i need to put through to the public i put, and whatever demands emails, i will send thru emails but in a more unique way guys…

    thanks for your opinions.


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