Sponsored – Get The Cheapest Internet Plan For Heavy Downloaders

These offers are for individuals, groups and companies who want large data at cheaper rates
We offer the cheapest internet service in the country and
you are free to compare it with any existing network like MTN ,Glo,Swift, Spectranet etc.

And you should note that our services are not  tweak or
backyard business and we have been offering this Data Services for the past 3
years consistently.
Please the following Internet prices have come to stay and activation is done within 15-30 minutes after payment.

12GBN4000 monthly (Can be rolled over and can also be
shared to friends anywhere in Nigeria)
24GB – N6800 monthly  (Can be rolled over and can also be
shared to friends anywhere in Nigeria).
UNLIMITED DATA-N20,000 (This is very useful for individuals
or companies, especially cyber café owners who download huge data monthly.
There is no data cap/fair usage policy which means you can download up
1terrabite of Data).
N50,000 – 100GB with a validity of 18 months (can be shared
up to 5 or more friends).
These data plans works anywhere in Nigeria as long as you
have glo network and also work on any device Blackberry, Android, Windows, iOS and
1GB- N1200
2GB – N2300

UNLIMITED- N25000 (The unlimited currently works in Lagos,Abuja,and Ibadan and it is the fastest internet in Nigeria at the moment; we give you
access to a bandwidth strength of 5mb/sec.  To also use this service you
must purchase our own customized router which cost N25,000 and can cover 15
systems effectively. This service is very useful for Cybercafe owners and also
Companies who need cheap but fast Unlimited data).
Spectranet sells 200GB for a whooping N70,000 you can
research how much other network sell their data and compare to our prices.
NOTE our data works on all devices including iOS and Windows OS.
We also offer Unlimited Data for people who use Swift
network at N3000 only but its important to note that this a vpn service. It
works on both PC and android devices
To get activated Ping me on 2BE722C8 or call/Whatsapp
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29 thoughts on “Sponsored – Get The Cheapest Internet Plan For Heavy Downloaders”

  1. Prof gud evening,i know dis is not the right thread but I need your help….About two weeks ago,my gionee s plus display started flickering at the lower half of the screen,mostly when am viewing a white background,and on low or auto brightness setting and Also when i lock d screen,just before going blank,it flashes pinkish/purple/white colour at d same lower half of the screen….note:my phone did not fall down or have contact with water at any point in time,also d touch is working perfectly….pls what do u advise i do?

  2. Why is that of mtn always expensive? The price for glo is good enough, but their network speed is poor. As for airtel, i suggest that users subscribe to that of 9GB for 3500 or do normal sub, then if you wanna do heavy downloads, then you sub for night plan. #peace

  3. I think these these people need to go and showcase there service to cooperate bodies, not for people on this forum, they want me to buy there customized router for 25k and then pay another 25k for unlimited for 1 month, that 25k is for unlimited for life ?
    Am reason confused here.
    If federal govt gave this people license for 3G or 4G network there own price will be much more higher than the price we are complaining about now., count me out for this your Si called cheapest internet plan, I will rather stick with my airtel bis bcos thats is the greatest cheapest internet plan compear to this.
    Those in support if my motion should type HI and those against should type NAY

  4. Just a heads up. The smile unlimited has been blocked but the reseller is still collecting money. So please update to avoid others falling into the same.


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