Why Are You Not Using HotKnot Technology on Your Android Smartphone?

This is a feature almost every MTK smartphone have but only
few actually make use of it. If you are using the likes of Infinix, you must
have come across it but do you really use it?

Hot knot was developed in 2013 by a Chinese touchscreen
designer Goodix, the brain behind the invisible Finger Print Detection. The technology allows the capacities touchscreens of
smartphones to interact – a feature that can be used for quick data
transfer/sharing, in a similar way to NFC.
When the two screens are near each other, their physics are
used in such a way that allows one of them to act as a transmitter and the
other one as a receiver.

What Can I Do With HotKnot Technology?
Transfer and exchange photos and videos
Sharing contact data: web
addresses, phone contacts, social media contacts, etc.
Sharing application data
Facilitate mobile payments
Exchange game moves
Enable Bluetooth pairing, Wi-Fi
connectivity and other services.

Can I Use HotKnot Technology on my Phone?
enable Hot Knot on your smartphone, go to Settings>Hot Knot.
A question will appear on the screen “Allow data exchange when the
screen touches another device?”
. Once you toggle it on, Hot Knot
will be enabled and once you have your phone’s screen close to another device’s
screen, you will be able to perform data exchange.
In order for the technology to work, the two phones need to come with Hot Knot
technology and be in close proximity to each other (within at least one
why are you not using HotKnot features on your Android phone?
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12 thoughts on “Why Are You Not Using HotKnot Technology on Your Android Smartphone?”

  1. Prof, like you said, I have always seen the HotKnot feature on most of my tecno phones. But I don't really know why am not using it and I dont even think of using it. Well, the likes of flashshare and xender are far better than this HotKnot stuff. I just felt like using it but my AndroidOne phone doesn't have it.


  2. Pardon me for posting on the wrong thread.
    Pls Prof I an having a bug on my Infinix Hot Note x551 lollipop version. It's refuses to install most big games like GTA and if it tries to install it and I want to open it will show "Unfortunately apps has stop". What's is the solution pls help.


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