Suitable Data Plan For Android And iPhone Users – Now That BBM is Available On All Platform

To those still asking me if OpenVPN still works with  free #0.0 on your mtn sim, the answer is yes
it rocks like jets without any potholes; just make sure you switch in
between servers from France if peradventure it disconnect. Even with TunnelGuru rocks like hell with 10GB daily till 7th of Novemeber.
Now that bbm is now available on Android and iPhone, which
internet data plan do you think will be suitable for use as at the moment?  This question  I have received several times and I felt I should
write something about it this morning.

Like I said in one of my recent post that Android  device or mobile consumes data alots; in
short, to use the word consume is an understatement where Android phones are
found. It sucks data as if you are using straw to suck youghout. Hence, it is
appropriate to determine which internet plan will be suitable for your device
now that you have BBM available on it.
Using  10mb daily is
not the best at all for your device. Like mtn night plan that cost #2,500 gets
you 4.5 GB and it works during the day  but it’s pretty expensive for use. Etisalat
only gives 260mb for #1,000 a month and I doubt if this is going to last
android users up to a month.
At the moments, I used Airtel 4GB plan which goes for #1,500(Mind
you, not everyone is eligible for this offer) on my device and it last me for a
month. If you are that type that  don’t
download, and you really want to save data cost, I’ll recommend you deactivate
some app as posted on this tutorial here then subscribe for Airtel #1,500 bis plan.
Like I said, at the moment, this works best for me because Mtn, etisalat, and glo
MB don’t last at all. 
But lets’  hope before
the season end, Mtn and other telecommunications network will bring out a data
plan at a highly reduced cost suitable for all iPhone and Android users.
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19 thoughts on “Suitable Data Plan For Android And iPhone Users – Now That BBM is Available On All Platform”

  1. morning prof. pls hw much is the 2gb monthly airtel bis plan and whats d code and also hw would one know if he is eligible for the 4gb

    • To know if you are eligible for the 4GB or not, dial *440*161# and #1,500 goes for the monthly airtel bis plan which you can roll over if you didn't finish it.

  2. Prof concerning that your link for the OneVPN config with the free username abeg it's not going o0…kindly provide another link for your boys

  3. Prof, thank u very much for all the assistance you have given to me all this time, may God bless u my brother. pls yomi I need latest dc-unlocker with unlimited credit that i can use to unlock my modem and mifi pls, can you help me with it?

  4. pro hi,
    i use an iphone, after i did the upgrade, i cant even load or check my balance anymore. how do i downgrade , thats 1. 2 my mtn sim has already been curt , am thinking of porting , which network should i put to , i use ailtel on my tablet duh, but its very slow , and i dont get services most times, i did mtn plane of 1k , just diceded to try it, it did not last up to a week .now i want to port, cant ping unless am in the office .thats curses i use the wifi , after that, nofin .

  5. I am using an iphone 4s, it cost me a lot before I can do anythinq with the data. Please is there anyway I can use a blackberry subscription over my iphone cuz I think its way much goinq to be cheaper. Please do help me out.


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