Meet Symetium – The No-compromise Smartphone PC

This is what I call technology gone
A-wire… Because it’s not just like your ordinary phone, it is much more than
that. It is so brilliant that it’s more like a genius phone! It has all the
innovation and technology of a computer, right in the palm of your hand! 

Symetium features an operating system
designed to work seamlessly as a desktop OS and a mobile one too.  6GB ram is what this device comes with. 24MP rear camera/5MP front camera.

Symetium can also connect multiple
screens at once in order to stream UI (User Interface) environments to a
screen, so for example if you have a tablet sized screen accessory it would be
streaming itself onto this tablet screen mimicking a tablet. Basically, that
means it works like a monitor. But instead of mirroring the UI from the phone
itself, it streams an entirely separate interface allowing the user to still
use the phone without any interruptions while it’s streaming a separate UI
environment in the background. 
Main Spec
One device for Everything – Symetium is
the no-compromise smartphone PC

*  Up to 256GB of Storage +
SD card slot for 128GB

* 6 GB Ram

* USB Type C

* Stereo Speakers

* Snapdragon 820

* 1080P 5.0 inch OLED screen

* Android 6.0 Marshmallow
* 4000mAh battery capacity

* IP 67 dust and waterproof
Do you know that this device beat hands
down iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6.. see the below comparism…

What do you think? 
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  1. Nawa….I been dey trip for vowney of 4gb ram.. And this one again with 6gb ram, and am here using hot2 that I ain't even sure if its the 2gb they said it is,.. mtcheew


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