Is Your Techno Android Genuine? Check It Here

Some thing got me so crazy few days  ago when I discovered that the Android phone I
bought for my little sister  as a
birthday present on the go was baseless,  senseless, rootless and fake. I got so pissed
off but I couldn’t just return it to where I bought it from because I was on
motion. I noticed that the phone only displays “OK” with or without sim and
nothing else. I saw another Samsung duos this

evening and it intrigue me to
check it’s spec only to discover that it’ just an infected china phone.

I know a lot of people are now using Techno phones, some
accept BBM, while some did not. Maybe one of the major reason why Etisalat BIS
did not browse on  some Techno Android  phone is simply because they are fake. Techno
is now a global brand and I can confidently tell you that they are high class
device producing company. On this note, Techno provided a space on their site
for you to verify your phone if it’s original or not.
How Can I Check If My Techno Phone is Original?
2. Enter your IMEI code and VC code in the relevant field and submit.
3. You will get a response informing you if the phone is GENUINE or NOT.
The same process is equally applicable to check if your
battery is original or not. Mind you, Techno 
is not like all this Pkonkius, Chinco phones that has television or if possible
“dvd”, but a global brand with a difference.
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9 thoughts on “Is Your Techno Android Genuine? Check It Here”

    • Hello Mustapha,
      You will see the imei numbers on the box of your Tecno Phone. After unboxing it, you will see the imei number and VC after you might have removed the battery from the phone.

    • Hello DG, i beleive it should be your network strenght. Are you browsing with 3G or Edge? if it is Edge, try and take it to 3G except if you don't have 3G in your area.

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