Is it True That Tecno Has Been Producing Inferior Devices? Look at What Kenya’s Are Saying

Is it true that tecno has been
producing an inferior devices, poor video display etc? Look at what Kenya’s are
saying about it here on their FB page… do Nigerians has similar experiences? 

I visited Tecno Kenya’s Facebook page
and I was surprise to read the comments of customers lamenting woefully,
hopelessly and hilariously about infected, defected and mundane Tecno device. Those
of you using any of the Tecno smartphones, what are your current challenges
with  your device?
Look at what Kenya’s are saying about
theirs Tecno phones below.

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8 thoughts on “Is it True That Tecno Has Been Producing Inferior Devices? Look at What Kenya’s Are Saying”

  1. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow, if you start to think Techno is up there with the best brands in the android market, think again.

  2. I've been using my tecno f7 (phantom A+) for two years and it has really been serving me. The batter is still as durable as I bought it, the charger is still effective and it still looks as if I bought it a month ago.

    I only changed the charging port recently, though.

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  4. Tecno is not that bad as you label it, if you don't like their products then move on to the one you like. na your money.
    I am enjoying my Tecno droidpad 8, it's the best tecno I've seen so far, the display is very good and it is fast…. mine has never been slow. The battery is awesome.

  5. To those Kenya's who don't Tecno smartphone why not switch to another brand all leave us alone lets continue using ours.


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