Brace up, Stop The Stress Typing & Ask Google to Send Your WhatsApp Messages

Indeed the mobile future is here and
you need not look further. With the latest updates coming up almost everyday on
Android devices, I’m pretty sure time is coming when you’ll be able to order chicken
pepper soup
and it will appear in front of you.

With the Google app already on your
Android phones, you can give a voice command and it will be carried out e.g you
can say things like “Ok Google, send a text to Mathew… I’ll be coming to your
house today”

Now you can ask google to send a
whatsapp message to any of your contacts instead of typing and it will be done.
E.g Just say Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to Joe”—after which
you’ll get a prompt asking you to dictate your message. Or, you can do it all
in one step: “Ok Google, send a Viber message to Josh: let’s do dinner tomorrow
In addition to WhatsApp and Viber, you can send voice messages via
WeChat, Telegram and NextPlus (just make sure you have the latest version of
both the messaging and the Google app).
The era has come to type less and speak more.
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    • Why didn't you install it despite my continius emphasis on installing it before u brick ur device.

      Well, I'll put a post on that tomorrow


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