3 Major Updates You Missed on WhatsApp Web

Nobody is even making reference again to WhatsApp Plus,
seems dudes are busy doing something else. WhatsApp web has been around for
quite some time now and it just got another pretty updates first sited by

==>Profile Picture:  your profile photo and status are editable
now. Simply hover over your photo and you’ll get the option to change it. An
edit icon appears next to the status and lets you share all of your feels with
your contacts.
you can view contact info, delete or archive individual chats and mute or exit
groups from the web.
==>You can add participant, change the group subjects or
icons directly from the web. Not just that but their seems to be a keyboard
shortcut keys for  this action but it’s
still not stable.
However, the update I’m still waiting for is when will I be
able to connect to WhatsApp on PC without using phone.
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8 thoughts on “3 Major Updates You Missed on WhatsApp Web”

  1. what u said about this innjoo fire black is it true bcus I want buy it an I just discourage pls reply me let me know

    • What did I say about InnJoo fire specifically? some are okay some are so unlucky, but those have seen so far using it are not having any problem with it only that if it develop any fault now, no cc will attend to you cos they have been ban


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