How to Watch Free Dstv Channels on All Android & BB10

Most of my weekends, I use movies to
cool my brain and discover more ideas around. You don’t need to be wasting
extra money on dstv decorder when you can easily get dstv on your mobile free
of charge.
I don’t want to bore you with much talk this weekend but this app is better is better that show box and TVtheGo. It contains over 2,000 channels and is constantly updating every day;  itcontains popular channels SKY SPORT 1-5, NAT-GEOWILD, VEVO, MTV BASE, BEIN SPORT, WRESTLING, SONY MAX, SKY NEW, BBC, ABC, ALJEEZERA, CNN, ACTION MOVIES,DISCOVERY
, NICKELODEON  and lot more… it is
Supported Device
Android & BB10. iPad/iPhone users can use TvontheGo
Where Can I Download it?
Download it here
The most interesting aspect about this
application is that it doesn’t consume much MB like Show box and its free of
charge. If you are crazy about movies, TV shows and sports, then you should
download this app.

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31 thoughts on “How to Watch Free Dstv Channels on All Android & BB10”

  1. Cool prof. When I finish the back up process on the PC I did not see anything later on I saw some back up on my phone so I saw recovery.img on it, after that I move it to the SD card root I open my mobile uncle n I saw it there n I click on it n it ask me flash recovery what I do now sir n is that the custom recovery sir? N how do I know the phone as boot into recovery mode pls kindly explain with screen shot. Pls

    • Stop complaining abt d server, ur Internet server sucks. Get a better Internet data plan. U even have d guts to complain abt d premium version? Premium is just 500 naira per yr.

    • You can not compare this mobdro app with on air, mobdro is less data consuming, on air consume a lot of data. I have the two applications on my phone and ever since I discovered the difference I stick to mobdro. Though in time of picture clarity on air is very ok. But mobdro will give you as many channels with different categories on air is only news.

  2. Prof pls my tecno l7 always telling me… Unfortunately dialer has stopped. when ever I receive calls … Please wot do I do to get rid of this problem. Thanks

    • You have three options here
      ==>I don't know if you install an app before it started this issue, but try and restart your device in safe mode to see if the same issue stop or continue, if it doesn't do like that in safe mode, it means you've probably install an app that trigger that dialier error which you'll need to uninstall.

      ==>Secondly, download an app called RocketDialer from Google Play and set it to use Google contacts

      ==>If it still doesn't fix the issue, then you'll need to factory reset your phone… if its rooted, unroot before factory reset.

    • Yes prof it seems I installed an app that causes the dialer error but I don't know which app is that pls do you know any app that can cause that

  3. hi lemmy, i power my samsung tab 3 but keep on booting showing android on its face.pls help me out. what do i do?

  4. pls boss….dnt rili kw what my bro did to my device….bt it shows no SERVICE,even if there is no sim in it and writies com.htcdialer has stoped,is it a software issue?…and

    2)pls i need the the stock ROM for htc1 m7 and thanks in advance.

  5. Can the MTN bbmidid / simple server subscription be used to play any of these apps cos when I tried, it didn't work. Please let me know, thanks…



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