Download Best TV Mobile App TVontheGo – If You Don’t Have This You Don’t Have A SmartPhone

I have been using this crazy mobile TV app for a very long
time and I just feel I’ll be an unscripted, uncensored or un… (Complete the
rest) blogger if I didn’t share this with you. If you have not thought of it,
heard of it or imagine it before, then you device is still undergoing a ridiculous
streaming recession. 
I’m going to show you a better way to utilize your data, or
consume more than you bargain for. Regardless of where you are, this Mobile TV
app is going to blow off your mind, and put it inside your pocket.

I can boldly
say that, DSTV is nowhere to be found compare to this unique mobile tv app I’m
about to show you.

Back to base, TVontheGo is one of the baddest kind of
Mobiletv I’ve ever come across. It contain different Channel ranging from
UKLive TV, Sports, HorrorTV, MoviesTv, Comedy, News, Lifestyle, Entertainment,
FashionTV Gamer etc. It has TV countries by countries. This morning alone, I had
streamed live sport, watched live movies, reality tv shows directly on my
mobile smartphone.
Why Should I Use TVontheGo?

==>You can watch live sports, movies or News on the go
==>You can watch your favorites TV series, those of you
that are conversant with  TV series
==>You can Watch your Gospel channels like Daystar, TBN
etc directly from your mobile device
==>You can stream live music channels, stream till mama
==>Body&Soul TV shows you useful exercise that will
make you burn fat if you are too fat and if you are too slim but want to add up
6 packs, contact me personally…lol!
==>Fashion lovers, you can watch live fashion shows on
the go
==>It doesn’t consume much data but it is a better way to
waste your data.

==>It even allow you to record what you are watching
should in case you want to watch it later on your mobile device.
Guess what? All the channels are free to air. I mean you
aren’t paying a dime. So if you are reading this right now regardless of your
country location, head straight to the download page.
Compatible Mobile Device

I know iPhone users are planning to cuss me but this time,
this app is available for Android users, Blackberry users, iPhone/iPad users…
and? Don’t just mention Symbian users.
Where Can I Download it?

For Blackberry Users, head straight to Blackberry world and
search for TVonthego
For Android users, Download here
For iPhone users, download here
Hope I have done justice to this app? Meanwhile once you are
done downloading the app, test it and let me hear your opinion via the comment
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33 thoughts on “Download Best TV Mobile App TVontheGo – If You Don’t Have This You Don’t Have A SmartPhone”

  1. Tnx.. Will it work wit simple server wen I subscribe bbcday? Couz my youtube is nt streaming wit simple server but i can download as much as I can but its nt streamin online videos. Am usin tecno F5. Or u can stil tell me any affordable data plan I can subscribe to.

  2. thanks prof…for those of you that seems to be having problem with simple server not streaming video or not working wit some apps on your lovely android. ..fix it now by downloading *proxy droid, * rooted phone thou it also works with non rooted phone…after downloading and installing proxy droid…open it….. and goto host …put…, then port 8080…after that, on ur data…., on ur proxydroid…it will show connecting…u ll b notified that profile 1 is connected…den minimize …open ur simpleserver and connect….then start flexing!…

  3. Sir prof, my glo Internet is frustrating me. Going off and on, it's not stable anymore. Is it only my own or general thing? I just bought 4.5gig data but am not enjoying it.

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