Airtel Business: Airtel Introduced 2 Numbers on 1 Sim

will never seize to amaze me, From weekend 1GB plan for 100 to free N25000 when
you unblock or re-register your Airtel sim to this one again. Hmmm… Is this the
work of Ifeanyi Uba the man behind dollar fall?

Airtel has just announced another superb offer for business owners or if you
are such that just don’t like disturbance because this offer allow you to use
two numbers on 1 sim card.


is absolutely absurd using two Airtel sim (one for business and the other one
for your normal line) when you can get 2 numbers on your single sim. Now you have the
option to separate your business life from your social life with one Airtel
sim, two numbers.

Can I Go About it?

to smartNUMBER. Send keyword ‘SUB’ to 619 from your Airtel line to subscribe. Follow the prompt to get you started.

Make the smart move. Think Airtel, think innovation.

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26 thoughts on “Airtel Business: Airtel Introduced 2 Numbers on 1 Sim”

  1. Ogz prof this is not related o….glo just killed the bis vision,i tried to sub but it kept saying insufficient,only to see they have changed from 1k to 1400k,i called customer care and it was confirm,said it was updated yesterday.. ..i guess that airtel Package will b the next option

  2. Wrong place but Yomi, i have a serious matter now. I subscribed to airtel absolute and complete plan . And I have 7470 MB. But I can’t use it . Now I went to suscribe to blackberry 1500 and I was given 3075mb. But the initial 7470mb is still there. I don’t know what to do .please I need help on how to make it work on my iphone


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