Samsung Foldable Smartphone Already Failing Right, left and Center

Maybe this is just a signal that foldable devices still need to be worked on… Samsung’s foldable smartphone has been shipped to reviewers around the world, but many devices have already encountered problems.

Reviewers have reported that their $1,980 Galaxy Fold has already broken, with the display breaking and flickering for unknown reasons.

Just one day of normal use, Steve Kovach CNBC tech editor galaxy fold displays broke as uploaded on twitter.

Some users – such as YouTuber Marques Brownlee – tried to peel off what looks like a screen protector on the Galaxy Fold’s display only to find that trying to peel off this layer completely breaks the display.

Android Police reported on the “disastrous display issues” experienced by the device, noting that many reviewers around the world are experiencing problems with the smartphone’s display.

Other users have reported that  their device displays flickering and turning off after only a few days, even when this protective film was left undisturbed on the device.

However, Samsung said it is investigating the issues with the Galaxy Fold, and it has advised reviewers not to remove the protective film on the display.

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14 thoughts on “Samsung Foldable Smartphone Already Failing Right, left and Center”

  1. From day 1 I knew foldable smartphones are just waste of time. How can u keep folding a screen without breakage? C’est ce que nous avons appelé mission impossible. Lol


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