Why Do You Love Paying For Premium Android Apps When You Can Download Them For Free?

In as much as I love to be a loyal online tech journalist, I
also like to do the needful, tweak my device and optionally get the best out of
it the way I want it. It still surprises me to see that some of you still buy
Google play store applications. Like seriously, I’ve been wondering why?

You see, this is one of the main reason I love Android
devices, it gives you choice to either be a boss or a boy; a chairman in
android market or an observer and loyalist who follow what instructions says. I
love bypassing instructions to see what will happen if I don’t actually follow
Just like some of you are scared to root your Android device
because it might get bricked, or whatever your reasons might be. But me, I can’t
count the number of times I’ve bricked my Android devices… Just like Don said,
rooting is for real men who have potentials of giving birth to Quadruplets and not
for faint hearted.
I was amazed to watch one of my clients paid with his credit
card just to get premium application install on his device.
Look at it this way, I’ve written lots of posts that doesn’t
require any techy experience on how to get all paid apps for free from Google Play Store ranging from APK Market, BlackMart, Applanet and even paid games for free. But some of you still love to buy.
Don’t misquote me, I sincerely appreciate what app developers are doing, but atimes, I love to bypass protocols.
Now tell me, why do you always buy applications on Google
play store? Maybe your answer will make me change my mind from installing paid
apps for free…
Happy  Eid Mubarak to
all my Muslim friends, you guys are the best!
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28 thoughts on “Why Do You Love Paying For Premium Android Apps When You Can Download Them For Free?”

  1. Hello yomi, pls I know this is off point dis topic, but I need help. I flashed my Techno m7, but the sim 2 can no longer work on 3g, on 2g. Please any solution for me? 08032913815

    • You said you flashed your Tecno M7? the rom you flashed it with has a bug, and that is the bug you can see. I'll suggest you flash it with a rom that is bugless.

      To make it simpler for you, if your sim one can work on 3G, leave sim 2 permanently on 2G. After all, it is dual sim device.

  2. On point have never paid for app before and I won't, YP please I need app to root my phone and need good app to backup my files

  3. Paid apps are better than free ones. I'm currently use Nova Launcher Premium which I got for N336 with First bank MasterCard. It is far far better than the free version. Just pay and free yourself the pain of tweaking and cheating Android apps developers.

  4. Nice one prof. There is this app I really really need, it's for gaining S-off on HTC one. It's called '' SUNSHINE''. But it's expensive. How do I get it for free.? Thanks.

  5. Personally, I don't mind paying for apps… It's our little way of appreciating the app developer, it's not easy coding apps oO..
    So installing the apps for free is kinda like taking food off their table which isn't fair…


  6. Hello Prof ?
    I want to root my Tecno C8 (running on Android 6.0 MM) and I don't wanna use that TWRP or any PC related method because we only get NEPA 3hrs outta 24.
    I've tried KingRoot, Kingoroot, Framaroot, poor with no avail
    Eid Mubarak by the way

    • Hello Zaharadeen Fakka, unfortunately, that is the only option available for rooting your device at the moment. Maybe you should wait when KingRoot release another update, I'll check it out to know if it will root Camon C8 without going through that long TWRP process.

  7. I got fl studio Mobile on black mart, but I can't lunch it cause I did not buy it. Wanna know if there is another way to pass their security.


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