Download Paid Games/Apps For Free Wtih Your New SmartPhone

Now that your Infinix Zero is available and you’ve
successfully rooted it with RootGenius, it will be paramount to know what and
what your Android Smart Phone need. The first thing I’ll recommend you do  is to  Backup your ROM should in case
anything happen, like bricking or nonchalant misbehavior.

You can learn how to
back it up here

I’m going to show you how to download any premium games you’ve
ever wished to have on Play store, blackberry world or Nokia store  for free. Any game at all you can ever think
of that is paid on Playstore, you can download it for free just like you can
download paid app for free.
How Can I Download Android Paid Games For Free?

==> this is the home of almost all Android paid
games for free. It offers you varieties of games available on Playstore that is
paid but the download is free. Think of it and they give it to you F.O.C

I know you must have stumbled on
some of this site but they do more than you think. Actually, they are file
sharing website. The files to be downloaded was uploaded by an Android user
who bought the apps and then uploaded them. Any application you are looking for
at all, be it Android apps, blackberry app or normal pc app can easily be found
on those file sharing app

How Can I Download From File Sharing

==>Login to any of the above site
==>Type the application name you
want to download for free
==>The result of your search will
come out, click on download and your download will begin.
It is as easy as ABC.

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17 thoughts on “Download Paid Games/Apps For Free Wtih Your New SmartPhone”

  1. hi

    i am from SA and i have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini phone on vodacom network.

    how can i use my active bis vodacom sim on this phone?

    thank you,

    • Hello Rachael,

      Ray I don't think you can use vodacom blackberry on ur Samsung but you can try it out by inputing already activated Bis sim on ur device, set ur apn to, leave ur passwrd and username empty, save and connect.

  2. I am having issues with getting notifications from my email on my Samsung Galaxy S2. The notification sound no longer beeps and i have to refresh my email before receiving my messages (no sound also). Please help. Thanks!

    • Hello Friend,
      sorry for late replies, but log out completely from your email account and login again, sychronise your email and everything should be normal now.

      Concerning the sound, you need to manually reset it form you sound set up.

  3. Hello Mr yomi, you are really doing a great job here. I must commend u. I bought data from mr Joe last night. He is as honest as I read on your blog n quite patient too. Thanks a lot.


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