Easiest Way to Download All Paid Apps For Free on Google Play

I have written alots of posts on downloading paid apps for free but this one seems exceptional and easier. I know you are familiar with
the popular ones like applanet, blackmart etc but this I bet will blow off
your mind, and make you the Chief Technical Officer of your Android device.

Get APK Market let you download any paid apps you’ve always admired
on Google Playstore that you are not willing to pay for. 
Where Can I Get it?

==>Download the GetApk Market here
==>Install GetApk on your Android device
==>Then, open Google Play Store app on your phone and search for your desired paid apps

==>Scroll down to the Share icon and select it, you will
see GetApk Market, click on it and it’ll automatically open the GetApk Market 

==>Click on GET at the top right
side, and a new window will display to you

==>Click on any of the link to download

==>Allow the shortening url to
redirect to the download page, then scroll to the right side at the top and
click on SKIP THIS AD
==>Your paid app will then start the
downloading for free. 
Try this and let me know via the comment box if it works well for you.
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32 thoughts on “Easiest Way to Download All Paid Apps For Free on Google Play”

  1. Prof. Thanks it works but not all apps can be find there, I tried to download a particular application but it can't be find from their server.

  2. *not related*
    bro, my hot note just got bricked! I tried updating the version(i unrooted it first) and now its showing "no command" .
    Help me out please…Asap!
    I installed the recovery.img before it got bricked what do I do now?

  3. Helo Yomiprof am so sorry for the inconveniences and disturbances from my blog comments going to ur mail or anywhere close to u.
    pls its not intentional. I have been following your blog for over three years now. I used ur tutorial on placing Facebook comment box on blog. I don't knw weda it is where the problem is. pls I don't knw how to solve dis and stop my comments going to u. it's not intentional pls.

    • No problem… just try and fix it… or go to your blogger dashboard,>>>settings>>>mobile and email>>>under comment notifications, ensure that its your email address and not mine that is their

  4. Make sense Prof. But pls I hv a small problem I'm using hot note pro rooted and I downloaded some games the apk with their obb but I couldn't play them. Anytime I want to play them it will time I don't hv Google play games app. I downloaded d app but still the same thing .my friend told me to move my obb folder to the same card, still the same. Is very frustrating pls help me out. Thanks. The games are plant vs zombies, Leo's fortune

  5. Sorry for digressin Yomi but pls help. Any time i restart my phone, my account will be deducted as charges for an unknown message sent by my phone to unknown number. I start experiencin ds wen i upgraded to lollipop. Pls any solution

    • Hello Kingsley,
      Nandroid back up means you backing up your android stock rom shld incase it get bricked, you'll be able to easily restore it back with your nandroid back up.

      To back up, you'll need ur pc, mtkdroid, spflash though I had already made a post on it.

  6. Am using mtn and glo mr yomi. Its a dual sim ph but d deduction is on my mtn sim. Am jus confused wat d fault mayb.is d problem with d upgrade i did or wat. Any help will b appreciated

  7. But the problem am facing with even Blackmart and any other full(paid) apk gotten from the net, is that, it keeps telling me to get Licence or licencing related problem from Google Play store.
    Is it that, if I use this method I would get the Licencing Errors resolved? Apps like Poweramp , swype etc are very dependent On that licence would they work perfectly? ( I have tried. All manner Of "Lucky Patcher" Settings…. Would this App(Get Apk Market) be. Better?

  8. Did not work for me o. When i clicked on 'get' it brought 'webpage not available' and wen i clicked on 'open in browser' the likes of Firefox, chrome and d stock browser did not also open it.


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