Glo Declared September 28th as Free Data Day

I don’t know how fast glo network is now because ever since
when I struggled to finish 200MB and all my effort to exhaust it proved
abortive after one week of usage. I had to peacefully keep my sim. 

But Glo always have their customer at heart and will do anything to
keep you in the circle. Glo in their finite mercy has declared Friday 28th of
Sept 2017 as the second Data Free Day on Glo network.
Here is the deal, subscribers who use 100MB plus N150 on
voice calls OR N250 on voice calls a week before that  day from any or a combination of methods such
as Pay as you use, purchase of data plan and usage from existing data plan will
enjoy a FULL DAY of FREE browsing, chatting, streaming, downloading, uploading
and lots more on the 28th of September.
You don’t need to do anything to qualify for Glo Free Data Day… Just spend N250 or
more on calls in the preceding 7 days to a free data day. Fair usage policy
will be applicable.
I’m guessing the network is now faster in most location because Adenuga is working…
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17 thoughts on “Glo Declared September 28th as Free Data Day”

  1. Didn't NCC ask them to suspend this promo. And as for the "always having their customers at heart" part, I'm pretty sure that glo is aware that their network service can be frustrating so they try to compensate their customers with lots of freebies.

  2. Only those who their phones support glo 4g can enjoy that. Glo really made a big mistake for using that band 28, only few phones has it . Meanwhile mtn 4g speed this days is something else.


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