What is Airtel Repackaged SmartTrybe?

Though I do not see any much different between this and what
is already existing but let me think in the direction of Airtel, because the
Management of Airtel feel not everyone is aware of Airtel Repackaged

What is Airtel Repackage SmartTrybe?
Airtel Repackaged SmartTrybe is a youth-centric
offering that offers pocket-friendly call and data rates as well as
irresistible freebies to customers. This package was officially launched by
Airtel on  Friday 12th August,
2016 in Lagos, Nigeria.
According to Airtel, the repackaged Smart Trybe gives
11k/sec rate to all networks in Nigeria and cheapest cost of data bundle.
Under the hood, you can find these 3 major package
» Trybe Special Data: cheap data bundle and call rates which
gives  you 1GB of data for N500 and it
will last you for one week (7 days).
» Trybe Night Browsing:  You can get 500MB
data for N25(12:00am – 5:00am),1.5GB for N50 (12:00am-5am), and the good aspect
is that you can subscribe over and over again.
» Trybe Weekend:  Airtel  SmartTryBe Weekend customers enjoy 250 MB with
free 30Min calls to all Airtel numbers.
How Can I Opt-in?
Dial *312# to opt in for this
If you are a
heavy downloader or heavy internet user, you can simply utilize this package.

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18 thoughts on “What is Airtel Repackaged SmartTrybe?”

  1. Please Prof. Is there any code for the Trybe weekend or it works by default when you're on the plan?
    And can old SIMs migrate and enjoy sane offers?
    Thank you.

  2. This airtel network is scam! Airtel night Plan corrupts archive (.rar, .zip, .7z, etc) files when downloading. I used it to download a file of 400mb (Network is fast so no poor network/disconnection) and it got corrupted while extracting. I redownloaded it 3 times and same corruption. I even tried to download a different file but same thing. This is not the first time they corrupt my file thinking it was where I downloaded it that got error not knowing it was Airtel. Then I decided to use MTN Night Plan to download the same file and it worked. This airtel corrupts file while downloading but doesnt corrupt videos. You can also check it out

  3. Airtel network is a messed up network. Very slow. MTN EDGE is faster than their 3G. Download, the worst. Highest speed is 300kb/s which is so very poor.


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