Kodi Version 17 beta Codename Krypton With New Features is Available for Download

Kodi is one of my favorite entertainment app, it allow you to watch any channels on your mobile devices, PC and any other supported devices. It can’t be compared to Mobdro or TVonTheGo. In short, I call this mobile DSTV.

Those of you using Kodi application, a new version is available version 17 beta codenamed Krypton. This release brings the new Estuary and Estouchy themes for big screens and mobile devices; a redesigned and more cleaner/clearer Settings area (pictured below), an improved music library, and Live TV/DVR tweaks.
You can download it from their main site here or hit google playstore here.
If you are not using Kodi, two things are involved; its either you are lost in the setting area or you hate mathematics during your secondary school days.

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18 thoughts on “Kodi Version 17 beta Codename Krypton With New Features is Available for Download”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Kodi is even better than DSTV because it's free. Moreover u can get hundreds of chanels that u can't even see them on DSTV. U can watch any movie u wish to watch both latest and old.

  2. I uses airtel and its awesome in my area. @okoye, i spend months searxhing for yhe installation of kodi. But, one i was able to do it. Iys as simple as abc. I bet you, i can give you the guidelines. Very straightforward.

  3. @balak, first search and download "sportdevil add-ons 2016". It's a zipped file. Open your kodi and go to system = add-ons = install from zip. Locate the sport devil addons you downloaded and click on it. Wait till you see, sportdevil addons updated. Now on your kodi again, go to video, you should see sportdevil. Click on it and wait till it opens. Click on live sports, click LShunter (it has more live matches than the others). You can open anyone you like but that LShunter has more matches.
    @nelson,i uses airtel bb10 3gb for 1k

    • Boss when I try installing zip it keeps showing Failed to install add on from zip. dependency on script. Livestreamer. Module. Version O. O. O could not be installed. Pro abeg help out here. Thanks.

    • How many days the airtel bis dey use before you consume the gb finish ?
      Though I try it but I don't enjoy the streaming with airtel am thinking maybe there is a setting in kodi so that all the stations will be streaming on lower resolutions bcos you can hardly find network that can stream HD 1080p without buffering.
      How many days do you consume airtel 3gb

  4. @nelson, i only watch important matches. Though it consumes data like 300,400,500 mb for a complete match. For every matches, there are many links to watch it. So, i try as much as Possible to watch from non HD. It doesn't last me for a month.


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