Lenovo Foldable Phone Might Launch Soon

We don’t know if this bendable smartphone will be launch this October but it appears to be soonest.

Lenovo shared a 10-second video of the foldable phone’s prototype version with a caption that reads – “We are just so terribly good. It’s time to show off. We’ll see you in October.”

The teaser video shows a working phone that has a foldable design. We can see that the device continues to recognize and allow touch input when it gets folded at around 80-degree angle. However, there are a couple of dark spots on the right edge of the display, probably due to wear and tear.

According to rumors from last year concept, the phone will come with a 4.35-inch AMOLED display that can automatically change the smartphone mode or watch mode based on the usage. The phone also reportedly supports eSIM card, enabling free and easy switch to different network.

No word about the spec but lets see what Lenovo have for us this October.


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  1. eSim and amoled not badt for a bent phone…. The good thing about tech is that it’s endless we see new things everyday…


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