Are You Still Receiving Unsolicited SMS? Make Them Pay N5Million

one can deny the facts that our Telcos still send us unsolicited messages
despite the DND implementation, some even go ahead to deduct your credit for
what you did not subscribed for hence making the annoyance level Grade A.

on the other hand has begun the implementation of N5M fine over unsolicited
SMS. According to NCC boss, “If a
consumer lodges complaint to NCC that a MNO send unsolicited text messages and
the complaint from the consumer get to us, we will ensure that credit deducted
from the consumers for this unsolicited text messages is returned to the
consumer and will also invoke provision of the fine on the MNO which is N5
if your money is being deducted for what you didn’t subscribe for or you still
receive unsolicited SMS despite implementing the DND, then you can call NCC
toll free number as seen below;
number 0800-CALL-NCC (0800-2255-622).
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19 thoughts on “Are You Still Receiving Unsolicited SMS? Make Them Pay N5Million”

  1. Ncc trying to win the heart of Nigerians again after a failed attempt to increase data price. Hear me guyz, No teleco is paying shi shi as fine. It is evident that NCC is getting bribes from both the government & these telecos. All these political jargons are scripted abeg

  2. Hey yomiprof, i just discovered something about glo network & i think you should try it out yourself too & maybe make a post about it for people who still have issues with glo slow.
    Been using this for 2 days now & its been better than before. (not super fast, but normal).
    Glo network needs a trigger to work well. Even with subscription, you need a vpn app to keep your network active. If not, it will glow slow. I've always had troubles using instagram, pinterest, and streaming videos on YouTube using my glo data but after i downloaded "Hotspot shield", its been working fine.
    Im using Hotspot shield elite, you can Google it & download if you don't have it.
    Psiphon, and all those vpn apps should work too.
    Try it, good luck.

    • When i said my network was bad, i meant frustrating enough to hire a hitman to take out glo completely. There were times when uploading a file of "100-300kb" was a big issue for me. You need to place your phone on a car/tree & still wait for 30mins before it uploads.
      I downloaded this app & things are better now. Even on pc too.


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