MTN Introduce Do-Not-Disturb List For Stopping Unsolicited SMS & Calls

Unsolicited SMS from strange numbers and adverts has never
been my  thing but they keep coming even
when you don’t want them. Regardless of the applications you’ve use to block
unsolicited SMS from Telcos, they still manage to maneuver their way into your

Finally one of the Telecom company in Nigeria has finally
adhere to NCC instruction on stopping unsolicited SMS from MTN.
MTN newly introduced Do-Not-Disturb (DND) list which allow
you to stop every unsolicited SMS or unwanted campaign messages.  At least this feature will allow your phone to
rest… only expect a life changing sms.
How Can I Stop Unsolicited SMS From MTN?
Send HELP to 2442 for free and you’ll see options to opt out
from any particular sms campaign ranging from educational, health, sport,
banking etc..
Note that it is absolutely free of charge.
I’m waiting for other Telcos to follow the same footstep or else be fine. This invasion of
privacy must come to an end.
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