How To Stop All Spam Messages & Calls From Nigerian Network Using Binga

It can be so annoying when you are expecting a life changing
sms from the place you recently went for an interview when an infected spamming call now pop in from Airtel Advertisement or you’ve been expecting a
congratulation sms or an alert from your bank you now receive a congratulation
message from 33181, 35020, 33115, 35685 telling you that your number “08065046***”

as been qualified
to receive free health tips for one week for just #100. I call this an invasion of privacy or you can call it what a Hebrew man call “oikodomeo”.

The most annoying aspect of it is when a professional number
calling you from Glo  or Airtel not knowing that it is a Robot calling you to advertise their plans… but why can’t our
telecom stop this spamming calls and messages?
Well, there is a solution here if you are equally tired of
such infectious, infected and barbaric text messages & calls from our
telecom network.
Binga app is an android application recently developed by a
concern individual to help combat this unwanted spammy messages. It’s designed
to actively protect your phone from all unsolicited SMS messages on all
Nigerian GSM networks.
Why Should I Use Binga App?
==>It is free to download and easy to use
==>It runs in the background to fight every detected spam messages
==>It works on all android phones
==>It is a mobile police policing your data from predators
==>It does not require any registration at all.
==>It ensures that all your messages are from real people and not demonic telecom robots
Where Can I Download This App?
You can download it here if you are an android user or bb10
It’s time to put an end to all those robotic text messages
popping into your phone without your permission. Now I need someone to build an app that will equally
stop that robo calls from Airtel and Glo network please…
If you are not using Binga then you are one of those sending those spam messages… lol!

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18 thoughts on “How To Stop All Spam Messages & Calls From Nigerian Network Using Binga”

  1. Hmmm Yomi with all this your sweeeeetness on this app am left with no other option, but to uninstall the WHOSCALL am using currently. Just hope this works better. All this networks, i just don't understand them. Thought there was a time Ncc placed a ban on this? I love your write ups.

  2. Darkside: it can also prevent a bank alert and and a call for employment.

    Bulk sms from ur fellow legit group will also be prevented from entering ur fon.

    It is disturbing but other solutions can be employed rather than this.

    We are paying for using their service (call, sms, data etc) but these niggers continued to exploit us.

    If they wants to run ads, we should stop paying for call, data etc.

    We can join hands toge and together to fight the menace by writing to NCC and media to raise the alarm.

    • There's no single problem with that. There's always notification at ur phone bar whenever it blocked any message. So u can always view it if u must know the type of message it blocked . And you can also view all the spam messages from the application's log.

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