Rant: What is it You Don’t Like About Your Mobile Phone?

TGIF! I’m going to make this platform open to everyone to  express what you don’t like about your mobile
device. Perhaps luckily enough you might get a fix if it’s available from  tech addict.

My Rant?
For how long will the
well celebrated, jubilated and cheap smartphone call infinix hot 2 keeps giving
techy users chronic headache? I just hate the facts that in the in the
history of mobile device in this part of the country, Infinix Hot 2 seems to be
the device with the highest problem.

I’m just pissed off right now that infinix roll-out Android
6.0 to Android One devices and it only makes matter worst by not displaying
their storage space, contacts and even bricking some devices…
Just pissed off right now that Tecno only concentrated on
Tecno phantom 5 and Camon C8 update, technically neglecting other Tecno phones
for update…
Just pissed off that InnJoo Halo is not an mTK devices and
yet innJoo claim it’s an mtk device…
Just pissed that Note 2 (big six) 4G is just for decoration
and cannot even detect ordinary smile 4G network and yet it’s been sold for 40K….
I’m just pissed…
What is your rant?
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62 thoughts on “Rant: What is it You Don’t Like About Your Mobile Phone?”

  1. Good morning Prof..I don't see my songs whenever I try to play songs with snokorz5000 music player,it started recently and also Prof,I always get wireless update but am scared of updating. is there need for me to be scared of updating(my phone isn't rooted)?

    • ooosh… Since it just started, I'll suggest you update it. don't be scared, Android OS are design to be upgraded all the time in order to fix some bugs with your device. so long you are not rooted, update it. Once you've upgraded it, it should fix your Music stuff not displaying.

  2. Everything is perfect, just dat i cant root my hot note lollipop 2gb+16 with kingroot, framaroot, towel root etc except flashing through recovery, and now I can't update my phone to the latest XUI version due to the custom recovery, I still have to go back and reflash my rom again b4 I can update my phone… This is so nt cool…!!

  3. The phone is not powering on .Is like i brick my phone. Try to format it and download with sp tool. I use Gionee m3, any help pls

  4. Well done Mr. Yomi. is there any other way I can upgrade my Infinix zero to lollipop without using system, because my phone doesn't connect to system again even after resetting my phone several time. I even changed the phone port. please, help me out.

    • Your best option is to download king0root on PC
      •Download the program KingoRoot on computer
      •Install and Kingo run
      •Enable USB debugging on your mobile device
      •Connect the tablet to a PC via the microUSB cable (certainly better than the original wire)
      •Wait until you see Kingo device
      •Click Root (located at the bottom center)
      •Wait for the process and restart the device

    • Oga, please kindly go to the closest post office to your location. Your order must have arrived. Its not everytime post office call ppl. I'm sure if you login to your gearbest account, under your order, you should something like confrim ur order or so. Kindly go to the post office closer to you and request to pick up your order.

  5. Finally, l am pissed off that phones, even with moderate specifications, are still too expensive(china android phones are not left out as they appear to now price their phones same as their branded counterparts).

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    • Power off your phone
      ==>Hold Volume Up + Power Button
      ==>Release power button and tap volume up once you see the "Infinix" Logo, it will get you into recovery mode.

  6. I want to root my infinix zero 3 but the hovatek method seems not to be working, cause after a successful download, if I want to go to the recovery mode, it shows and Android logo and a caution sign, no recovery image I think that means

  7. Oga Prof, my HOMTOM HT7 doesn't even have a USB debugging mode. I would have used the pc method. Don't even know what to do.


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