Easy Steps On How To Use Your MTN Bis On PC Without Any Software

You all know that mtn have alway  been one of the best network so far, with an unlimited data cap for BIS. But MTN NG has now put a Data Limit of 3GB to their BIS Complete Data Plan which use to be Unlimited Few Days/Months/Year back. The funniest and most interesting aspect of it is that, you can now connect your MTN BIS sim on your system without any software. Before, it use to be Spotflux, Pivoxy etc. But now you don’t need any of all those softwares at all. You can now connect it directly on your system with the following settings.
1- Load N1500 on your   MTN Sim
2 – Code – send BBC as sms to 21600
3 –  Go to Settings and enter the following information:
usename – web
password – web
Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
4. You can now connect.. That’s all.
Why You Should Use This Tweak
You will bear me witness that MTN nite plan for one month is #2,500 for 3gb. Why waste your money on nite plan for the same data cap (3gb) when you can browse and download all day without any restriction.
Do I Need A Blackberry Phone Before I Can Do This?
No, you don’t need a blackberry phone. But you can make use of any phone and you must have a modem to connect with your system.
In case you still have any question, don’t forget to drop it at the comment section.
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