iPhone 8 Unboxing + Durability Test

After being revealed to the world last week, the iPhone 8 undergoes series of test to ensure it durability. #JerryRigEverything is known for tormenting latest smartphones to know how strong they are and this time around iPhone 8 is not an exemption.
The torment session is not for the faint hearted, if you can’t stand smartphones been tortured like this please don’t watch the video below; however, iPhone 8 came out strong after undergoing, burn test, bend test and scratch test.
In a bend test, the iPhone 8 held up well, faring better than the iPhone 7 last year. There was no separation between the body and the glass and no real distortion to the frame of the device.
You can watch the bend, scratch and burn test above.
Also, earlier today, popular Youtuber #Marques Brownlee did an iPhone 8 unboxing which I think is worth watching after all the hype Apple displayed last week.
Only that we don’t know when the iPhone 8 will get to this part of the country.

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  1. Please I just got an itel p51, my bb data will soon expire. I can't use it cuz I haven't changed the imei number. Please how can I change the imei or root my device? It's running on Android 7.0


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