Watch iPhone X Introductory Video and 5 New Features We Wish Android Had

In case you miss the live Apple Event yesterday, here is Apple chief designer Jony Ive introducing the new iPhone X.
The iPhone X is not even out yet, but Android battalions are already criticizing the iPhone X.  Among other things introduced into the iPhone X and we wish Android had can be seen below;
Top 5 Features We Wish Android Had
Animoji: Animojis, as you may guess, stands for Animated Emojis, and they use the iPhone’s new advanced facial camera system to map your facial muscles to that of an emoji’s so you can record and animate it in real time.
Buttonless Home Gestures: Apple had to ditch the home button on the iPhone X in order to facilitate their all-display design. The home button is now a software-based home “slider,”
Secure Facial Recognition: You can register your face with the iPhone X so that it automatically unlocks when you look at it. The face unlock uses 3D imagery that’s even more secure than Samsung Galaxy S8.
The Sharpest Display on iPhone: The iPhone X features a colorful OLED display with more than 2 million pixels. That means sharper text for reading, more impressive video playback and more.
And finally, Realistic Snapchat Lenses.
The iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the first iPhones to support wireless charging.
iPhone X will be priced at $1000.

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  1. $1000 for that phone is a lot…You can get a gaming system and a phone for that…nice specs still…Make God give us money to buy exotic things that look meaningless when we don't have money…


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