Now Official 9Mobile Special Data ₦200/1GB And ₦1000/5GB

While some of you are still lamenting over insufficient data
and how normal MTN data zaps on time, 9mobile has finally made this offer
official 1GB for N200.

You’ll recall that during the Sallah celebration (Ramadan Kareem), 9mobile
introduced special Ramadan offer that gives you N200 for 1GB and 5GB for N1000.
Now it has been made official and anyone can just subscribe to the package.
9mobile network is quite fast in some location but not all. If
you are seeing 4G LTE appear on your smart device, then you can try out this
plan. The
validity period for this data is 3 days. Once it expire, you can sub again and
again until you see the need to change.
However, those of you complaining of the inhuman exceptional
zapping of the newly introduced MTN data offer that gives extra 500MB can simply
go with this offer… 5GB for N1000 in 15days.
Simply dial *929*10# to get activated… and dial *228# for
data balance.
No tweak required, no vpn required and it works on all devices
including the old chincoberry.
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48 thoughts on “Now Official 9Mobile Special Data ₦200/1GB And ₦1000/5GB”

  1. Dear MTN Nigeria

    What's going on? Is it because of what happened to Etisalat? Is it because of the poor network reception of Glo? Or is it part of efforts to recover some of your fines?
    Because I don't understand why I am exhausting 2GB data in 2 weeks. When I don't stream YouTube videos, I rarely do Instagram neither do I watch Netflix videos.
    So is it facebook and LinkedIn and UC browser that consumes so much data?
    I don't think so!

  2. I just contacted 9mobile on Twitter, they denied existence of these data plans. U can also contact them at (@9mobileng)to confirm for urself. Too cheap to be TRUE especially from very stingy 9mobile! I dialed the code but didn't get any reply from 9mobile.

  3. It works 4 me and my sim card is old sim oh. And this is the message i got them saying
    Dear customer, Your special data balance is 1024 MB valid till 2017-09-18 00:00.Your Cliq4DNite is 250 MB valid till 2017-09-20 00:00.Your welcome back bonus data is 350MB valid till 2017-10-13 00:00.

  4. I luv this offer as a Pc user, I don't mind paying #200 everyday as a heavy user….it's better than paying 500 for 1.5 GB on glo and mtn which doesn't last for up to 48hrs and the 9mobile LTE service is superb in my location! Thanks for this prof?

  5. I loaded #200 card dialed *929*10#,immediately #50 was deducted from my account and i was told to wait for SMS confirmation, few minutes later i check my balance to my surprise the #150 balance was gone. If this is official why is 9mobile doing this to it's customers?

  6. I didnt get a confiirmation message yda when i tried it so i thought it didnt work for me. I woke up this mrng that i got the special data expiring on the 23rd. I checked and it was there. Prof whats the code for the 1k for 5gb own or is it the same package. Am more interested in that one.

    • Hello friend, the plan is only N200 for 1GB and it last you for 3 days. So you can sub again the 3rd day and you get another 1GB. This is my simple calculation of 5GB for N1000 to last you for 15 days.


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