Cheapest Call Rate – MTN Rebranded True Talk Package to Family & Friends (11k/sec)

Mtn Nigeria re-launches True talk after disabling it for a
while, but this time, it comes with additional benefits. It offers you the opportunity
to make calls at a new tariff rate of 11 kobo/sec to 11 selected numbers from
any network of choice. In order words, this is family & friends modified!
What you don’t know is this, MTN TruTalk service is also
an upgrade of the Family and Friends feature, which avails customers more talk
time and an opportunity to make calls for half the rate. The value offerings
provide a tariff as low as 11 kobo/sec to 11 registered numbers, eight on-net
and three off-net numbers, for Family and Friends.

Hmmm… so MTN adopted football 11 man approach (… football
lovers understand what I’m saying) which allow you to choose 11 best numbers across
all networks in order to add more values to their lives.
How Can I Activate MTN Truetalk a.ka. Family & Friends

==>Dial *400#
How Can I Add Numbers to My Family & Friend List?

You can register 11 numbers for Family and Friends, which
also allows you  to register three
off-net numbers by simply dialing *560*1 * number#
MTN TruTalk is a prepaid tariff plan that offers a flat rate
of 20 kobo/sec across all networks from the first second a call is initiated.
The tariff plan does not attract a daily or monthly subscription or access fee.
But I’m still enjoying zone advantage!
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17 thoughts on “Cheapest Call Rate – MTN Rebranded True Talk Package to Family & Friends (11k/sec)”

  1. Hello,  good evening, Pls I have 4000naira which I got from GLO overload. But each time I try to make a call, my main balance will be deducting, I called glo to other network, and my airtime was deducted, I also called glo to glo number and my airtime was also deducted. Please what is the problem?  Thanks.

    • hello Gab, glo overload bonus only works BTW 10pm and 8a.m. That's why I don't like it. how I go wait till 10pm, when people don dey sleep bfor I go make call? it doesn't make sense.

  2. plz prof i really need a help on this issue, how can i scan a document with scanar and edit it on my PC………help plz………

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