WeChat Giveaway Update – Get #10,000 Free Vouchers Now, Don’t Miss Out!

Though I have already talked about this WeChat app before and how
you can get #1,000 voucher from Konga.com to shop online. Am glad good numbers of
people were able to get the #1,000 voucher. I will like to inform us that you can
also get #10,000 vouchers from ShopKonga
Like I said initially, that ShopKonga is one of the largest e-commerce site in Nigeria that allow you to buy anything
online and then ship it down to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria. Imagine you
with #10,000 you can shop reasonably online and have it delivered to your house
free of charge.

I know some of us will be wondering why ShopKonga is giving away free vouchers to Shop online; this is just their give away season and i wouldn’t want you to miss out of it.

You don’t have anything to lose but everything to gain. It
is not too late for those who are just
learning about it now to partake. Just click here to learn more. Those who have gotten #1,000 vouchers, do the following to get #10,000 voucher now.

How Can I Get #10,000 Vouchers From ShopKonga?

Just invite three of your friends to download
WeChat here http://bit.ly/Konga_Wechat and
Open an account with ShopKonga here www.konga.com/signup
Search and follow ShopKonga on WeChat
Once all this is done, send their email to ShopKonga on
WeChat and in the next 48hours, you will receive your #10,000 voucher. Mind you, all the friends you invite will equally get free #1,000 vouchers to shop online.
Tested and confirmed… I am Shopping already. Don’t forget to hook up with me on WeChat with the user ID Yomiprof.
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13 thoughts on “WeChat Giveaway Update – Get #10,000 Free Vouchers Now, Don’t Miss Out!”

    • It only bounce around internet enabled device. if your phone is not empowered to use the app, don't too worry. More tips for your own device are still coming

  1. Yes Mr Kola, the people you invited will also be given one thousand naira voucher. They will equally send their email the way you sent yours to ShopKonga on Wechat before the will recieve their own vouchers.

    • Yes you will send their mails to ShopKonga on WeChat so that they can be confirmed that you actually invited them. After which you will be given your #10k voucher

  2. Please does it still work? And when my 3friends join, will dey also send the email to @shopkonga or me alone sends them

  3. @Websniffer
    It still works, when your 3friends join, they will equally send their email, and they will recieve their own voucher as well as you.


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