You Can Now Send SMS Messages Via Facebook Messenger

As earlier reported 12 weeks ago while on beta phase, DavidMarcus (Former President at PayPal) took to his Facebook page yesterday to
announce that you can now send SMS via Facebook Messenger on Android. 

In his words,
A lot of Android
texting apps didn’t keep up with the evolution of messaging, so we felt like we
truly had to make Messenger the best SMS client for Android. As a result, in
addition to having a fully integrated app for all your messaging, 
you’re now able to send voice clips, stickers, and even share your
location over SMS on top of standard texting features. You will now also enjoy
all the things you’ve come to love about Messenger for all your messages,
including chat heads and more.
Just go to settings, select “SMS”and turn on “Default SMS
App.” This will ensure all your SMS conversations appear in Messenger as purple
threads, alongside your blue Facebook chats.
Your chat experience just took a new turn… but note that standard SMS fees still apply.
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  1. Pls prof help me out, my tecno w4 can't install apps I downloaded always getting these errors, app not install.i have reset the phone but still showing the same thing.


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