Facebook Lost One Million Active Users – Are They Going the Pathway of 2go?

I overhead some fellow discussing that Facebook is now for students and secondary school leavers… According to them, real men use twitter and Instagram.

Well, I don’t want to believe that someday, Facebook might follow the path of 2go.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation had a tangible impact on Facebook’s user base.  While discussing its second quarter earnings, the social network revealed that it lost about 1 million monthly active users in Europe due to the implementation of GDPR.


That’s a huge drop for a company like FB with active user of 2.22 billion total users. And now, the company is rolling out a new feature dubbed ‘Watch Party’ to lure back all the young people who switched over to Instagram.

Watch Party feature lets people in FB groups watch live or recorded videos together while posting comments in real time. Anyone in a group can start a Watch Party and select co-hosts, who control the playlist and playback.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Facebook, can’t even remember the last time I logged in. As a matter of fact, I’ve uninstall the app from my Android device.

How often do you use FB?

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16 thoughts on “Facebook Lost One Million Active Users – Are They Going the Pathway of 2go?”

  1. 1 million is much but I guess they are old people. Facebook is most fun place to be if u knw how to use it. To enjoy Facebook u need to join so many groups as many as u can, depending on what u like. maybe jokes, educational, etc. And u also need to like so many page. If u are seeing different kinds of things from around the world on ur Facebook u will hardly leave Facebook. But when u are just seeing only what ur friend are posting it will be boring.

  2. For me its nothing there is no social media app that secondary school leavers are not in now adays. Even overseas children there do fb,Instagram and twitter. Its nothing. If u notice them block them simple. Besides fb is fun. You will still hear tomorrow that new born babies now do Instagram and twitter.

  3. am among the one million user they lost. I stop using facebook since 2012. one year after after secondary school, can’t even remember my password again


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